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sneaky tricks - how to get your personal concerns in their food

I posted a version of this to a list on I'm on the other day and figured I'd share.

This is a recipe for truffles if you are using the sneaky-tricks-via-food to work on somebody for love/lust situations.  Everybody loves chocolate.  If they don't like chocolate, you need to find somebody else to work on, 'cause that's just a bad sign, man.  Seriously, though, this will often work when the old coffee or marinara sauce or mulled wine tricks won't work, 'cause really - everybody likes chocolate.

You start with your basic truffle recipe, like so or evenlike so.  Don't worry.  It's *really easy* to make truffles.

Add a little more cream than the recipe calls for, and heat your cream in its own saucepan.  When it's just about to boil, remove from heat and add damiana, a split vanilla bean, a pinch of ginger, cubeb berries, sampson snake root, and cardamom. Let that sit for half an hour or so.  Then scoop the herbs out, reheat the cream to a boil, add your bodily stuff (skin scrapings or whatever), stir, and pour the cream over the broken up chocolate.  Proceed with truffle recipe.  Get creative with liquers and coatings along the same lines.

You cannot screw this up.

You can vary the herbs depending on your goals, and, if you like, gender considerations - just make sure you're using edible herbs!  The good news is that there are tons of edible herbs out there that are useful in love work.  You can do some real damage with this recipe.

And with a little imagination, you can modify it, or similar candy recipes, for other situations - anywhere where you can get people to eat your food, you can do a sneaky trick.  Got work problems and dreading that office potluck? Dread no longer.  (I used to work with a guy who had it in for office potlucks.  He would always make the hottest hotwings on the face of the earth - hotwings that would melt your face off, hotwings you had to handle with tongs.  He made a batch at my house once, and my eyes watered when I went into the kitchen. He then talked the wings up for a few days so all the billy-badasses would feel honor-bound to try them.  It was funny as all hell to watch people try to eat those things.  They were nuclear.  But this sort of things gives you the idea, I hope).

Tags: chocolate, conjure cookbook, hoodoo cooking, love, lust, personal concerns, sneaky tricks
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