Karma Zain (karmazain) wrote,
Karma Zain

a shoe trick for getting a job

A recent email asks for ideas on finding work.  Here's a trick for when you talk to the person who does the hiring (it would likely have to be adapted for use in a larger corporation or in a headhunting situation):

Get his name - you gotta get his name, the boss' name. Write his name down nine times. Put cinnamon and sugar and put it in your left-foot shoe and walk to his door. If he don't take you in three days, walk there in the ninth day and ask him for a job. Well, you got him under your feet, you got him wanting for you.
Hyatt Vol. 2, p 1408

The cinnamon and sugar are typical for sweetening and attracting work, the use of a shoe is typical for job hunting (as well as domination and a few other situations that don't apply here), and the name paper is typical of all kinds of work.  So if you didn't know the boss's name, you could substitute "the person who does the hiring" or some such phrase, or the interviewer if you have to go through a few rounds of interviews to get to the person who does the hiring.

Tags: getting a job, hyatt

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