Karma Zain (karmazain) wrote,
Karma Zain

response to a client question on Reversing Oil

[re how to use it on a candle]

Burn a black candle, all the way down.

[re whether there is "payback" associated with this kind of formula]

Reversing is reversing -- all it's doing is sending back the crap that people sent to you. It's diff. from revenge workings or crossing workings which would maybe add a little "interest" to the equation, so I find that even my clients from a wiccan or eastern background are comfortable with reversing work -- all you're doing is putting up a big spiritual mirror around yourself so that what people send to you negatively bounces back onto themselves. It's actually a quite passive way of working, like self defense rather than offense if that makes sense.

I don't happen to believe in the "threefold law" or even in the "this life" version of the karmic checking account in terms of "you did x thus x will come back to you before you die" - I personally believe that's a short sighted way of looking at it that ignores the fundamental hindu concepts of work, reincarnation, transmigration, and what energy and work is being carried over from a past life (in other words, I think the web is far too complex for us to be able to see clearly on our own most of the time, and that is why we should use spirit to help guide us, however one might choose to interpret that - prayer, divination, spirit guides, dreams, whatever). HOWEVER, even having said all that, I make my Reversing formulas without any added "interest" so that even a three-fold law believer can use them safely knowing that all they are doing is sending back what someone else sent to begin with.
Tags: client education, faq, karma, reversing

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