Karma Zain (karmazain) wrote,
Karma Zain

hotfoot spell (from a Waycross, GA hyatt informant)

I love this one.


Den yo' get chew some white dog manure [cylinder changed].
Yo' get chew three pieces of white dog manure. Well, dat could be jes' about three inches or two - either one, three or two inches will do. Yo' dig one, a hole heah in front of dere place, "In de Name of de Father," dig de other one "Name of de Son," an' [third hole] "Name of de Holy Spirit" - don't say Holy Ghost, [say] de "Holy Spirit."

(You dig three holes.)

Well, yo' got three pieces of dat dog manure. Yo'll commence wit dis one, say, "Now, ah'll set chew heah dat chew cannot stay in dis house, "Under de Highest Name of de Father". Ah'll set chew [second piece] heah dat chew cannot stay in dis house. Yo'll be 'bliged tuh go, an', "In de Name of de Son."

(That's the second hole?)

Dat's right.  De third, "Ah'll place yo' heah." Den yo' call dat person name on de third one, says, "Ah'll place yo' heah dat chew must go - yo' scoundrel, yo' devil, yo' must go." [Over third hole say "Name of the Holy Spirit."] Cover it up an' walk off from it nine step [backwards and then turn around] an' don't look back.

(He's gone.)

He's gone - de third day, de third day he's gone.

-- Vol 2, p 1473
Tags: dog manure, hot foot, hyatt

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