Karma Zain (karmazain) wrote,
Karma Zain

how to hold a man with earwax

Jes' lak ah'd - concernin' yo', ah would take dat ear wax outa mah ear, see, an' ah 'noint chure eyes wit dat; yeah, a little bit 'cross yore eyebrows. Dat's to hold yo' - hold a man. Jes' put dat ovah a man's eyebrows, yo' know, it's sticky an' it's hard tuh git off - it stays up dere a long time. Yo' kin do dat once a week an' dere still some of it up dere. Jes' rub it up, yo' know, lak dat. Jes' say fo' instance, lak ah has some men an' dey got dat hair dere, always got some kind grease dere, an' she put dat up in dere, got dem almost in dey own way. See, when he washes his hair, she rubs some mo' up in dere. See, dat's to hold him, keep him near dem.

V. 2, p. 1456
Tags: earwax, hold a man, hyatt, personal concerns, stay at home
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