May 5th, 2020

stabat mater dolorosa

What Became of Karma Zain?

I'm not dead. But I've been under a rock for over four years. I'm just now starting to make my way out.

It's gonna take a while for me to sort through the rubble and make things right with some clients I left hanging and generally to restore my reputation, if it in fact can be restored. But you can read the details about what happened at the wordpress version of this blog, at, if you care about them. And if you were one of the clients left hanging, you can read about my plans to make that right, at least to the extent that it can be made right so very, very late after the fact.

I will continue to update Big Lucky Hoodoo at wordpress as I make progress towards sorting the chaos and shaking the dust off.

I will not continue to update this version of the blog at livejournal.

It will stay here for archive purposes -- there's some good stuff in the comments from some great people -- but if you want to keep up with what's going on and what's new, the wordpress blog is the place to do it, and you'll find updated social media and contact links there, too.

Mea culpa, and may all your works be crowned with success.

All my love,

Karma Zain