October 9th, 2015

stabat mater dolorosa

saints and sacramentals: relics, badges, scapulars, detentes, amulets, etc.

Again, no time for a real post, but a quick collection of notes about saints, sacramentals, scapulars, relics, badges, and the essentially-untranslatable usually-South-American but sometimes-European item called a detente, which is often what gets called "scapular" on sites like ebay and pinterest. These are links to some Pinterest pins in which I comment on a few examples. If all goes well, I'll elaborate with more examples when I'm caught up later this month (fingers, toes, etc. crossed, God willing and the creek don't rise, etc.)

Sacred Heart and Mother of Sorrows - this one has the word "detente" on it even.

eBay seller called this Sacred Heart badge a "scapular" and a "second-class relic," which is total rubbish since it's neither, but it's a beautiful piece.

Now this is actually a scapular.

Peruvian Sacred Heart detente.

Good example of handmade embroidered detente described inaccurately on eBay - I wish I'd captured the original seller notes since those are long gone and you can't read what I'm responding to anymore.

Beautiful hand-embroidery on this scapular, and it IS a scapular.

Handmade Peruvian scapular.

Even reputable sellers can give you bad info on relics, which can get quite technical and complex.

Silly rabbit! Relics aren't for kids! Bad Latin, no cookie for you!

I'd call this a badge, but you could make a case for detente (I'd want to see the whole piece, 3D, before I made my own call). It might be a relic - can't tell from the photo. But it's by no means a scapular.

Beautiful St. Rose of Lima detente.

I'll eventually get around to posting some info and definitions, history, and descriptions, but not this week for sure. I'll also eventually get around to finishing all my own examples I've started over the years, like the one below (which admittedly isn't my fanciest -- I made it very quickly as a gift so as not to hold up a package from shipping any longer than necessary). (And yes, many of mine merge elements of South American packet/package and bottle amulets -- like the ones I make custom for clients -- with elements of other sacred and religious folk art and sacramentals.)

front and back, (c) Karma Zain 2015

And here's one in progress, below - as you can see, many of the ones I've previously made or am making combine traditional saints' iconography and images with elements of that saint's manifestation or portrayal in religions of the African diaspora, like the below piece that features elements of the vodou loa Ghuede / Gede and will have St. Gerard on the other side.

(c) 2015 Karma Zain

Look for the next post on how to win a custom handmade badge/detente for the saint or spirit of your choice.
stabat mater dolorosa

current coupon codes: Oct 9-15 + giveaway / prize drawing

So this is the home stretch, or the last gasp, or however you want to see it. I'm not as caught up as I'd like to be (as if there's such a thing as degrees - I mean, you're behind or you aren't!), but I'm still working, and I'm still struggling to scrape together the funds needed to get everything made and shipped. And of course the fun continues on other fronts (the household has a vehicle in the shop -- again -- for instance).
So I should have another box of packages going out today or tomorrow, but there is still a whole 'nother big bin full that needs shipping, so this is another sale, good from now until my self-imposed deadline of Oct. 15 (see earlier posts for more info).

I will probably be going through the site and pulling down items that I probably won't be able to afford to restock the supplies for until I am out of the crunch, like soap and candles, so if you had your eye on anything like that, don't wait too long. (I *needed* to do this way before now, only it's a question of time - there's a limited amount of that and the time is generally consumed wholly by the Quest To Get Caught Up rather than the Sorely Needed Maintenance and Application of Common Sense Measures That Might Help.)
And I really do think I'll get some finished shrines put up today or tomorrow too - let's hope. I have some previews of some related stuff in the previous post and below.
Prize / Drawing / Giveaway
And every order that comes in between today (Oct. 9) and midnight on the 15th of Oct. will be eligible for a drawing to win one of these handmade sacramentals / altar items / talismans / whatever you want to call them, created for the saint, spirit, or loa of your choice and consecrated to that spirit or saint for you in your name. I will draw randomly from all eligible entries after the deadline on the 15th and I'll give away at least two of these - whether I do more will largely depend on whether I will be closing the shop for a while or not on that date.

You can see an example of a fairly simple one that I made for a friend/client last week, and another, larger and more complex, piece in progress in the previous post. I suppose you could call these Karma-Zain-style detentes or badges or even package amulets in some cases. Generally these are double-sided, involve at least some sewing, and have cords or tabs for hanging or pinning. They usually range in size from palm-sized to desktop-sized, but we can talk about what you prefer if you are a winner, and about what in the world you might call these things if you care. But if you win, you can call them yours!

I haven't quite finished any others because I'm focusing on getting orders made up and packaged still. But in the photo below you can see a collection of in-progress pieces I gathered to give you a taste of what will hopefully be done this weekend. The sequined piece on a white square background would be my largest and most elaborate "badge" / detente to date when finished, though most are more along the lines of the Ghuede / St. Gerard piece posted previously - the sequined one involves more detailed sewing than I really have time for right now, so there won't be anything else quite like it 'til I catch my breath, I'm afraid.

You don't have to do anything special - just place an order. That will function as one entry into the drawing/giveaway. Two orders = two entries. And *every single order, no matter the order total, will have an available coupon code* - there is no minimum amount required to take a percentage off, though as usual lately, the more you spend the more you can save.

(c) 2015 Karma Zain

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