September 4th, 2015

stabat mater dolorosa

status update and plans: shipping of backlogged orders, plans for next 6 weeks

Between my starting the first draft of this post and finishing the version I’m actually posting, some things (as usual) changed. I’ll mention the changes in brackets within the text.

This turned out to be rather a long post. I've put it under a cut. The bottom line for readers is that I'm giving myself a deadline to be caught up - October 15th. If I'm not caught up by then, i'll be putting the shop on "vacation" until I *am* caught up. Since I'm officially job-hunting again as the outside work has largely dried up and since there won't be even the trickle of income from here in that event, I am not sure *how* I'll get caught up, but I have to do something, and that is what this post is about.

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stabat mater dolorosa

current coupon codes / sales: Sep 4-12

As I mentioned in the previous post, I've given myself a deadline for getting caught up with everything. Part of getting caught up is finding the funds to fill and ship every order that is currently in-house, which includes a jumbo-sized Tupperware bin full of packages that are ready to go except for their labels, along with a fairly hefty stack of orders that will be packaged up as soon as the bin is empty.

I am about to ship some of these, but I doubt I have the funds to send them all off, and I know I don't have the funds to fill and ship every order that is in here, so this is another one of those sales designed to turn some of this stuff -- these supplies and materials and jewelry and such that I have around -- into cash so I can ship everything sooner rather than later. That means deep discounts for you, because I am operating under the "a bird in the hand" principle: it really doesn't *matter* anymore "what things are worth" or how much time/money I have invested in them already, because the *only* thing that matters is fulfilling my obligations to my customers and clients.

So I need to turn stuff into money, period, spending any incoming funds on shipping beyond the minimum expense required to fill orders (I need more patchouli, for instance, to fill current orders, and will probably need plastic bottles too - stuff like that.)

I will be running some kind of special or another between now and October 15, which is the deadline I've given myself to get caught up. I will try to update more as things go, and there will be various coupon/sale options as I get things sorted out, including some more giveaways. And, if I can get some other bottles and boxes finished, I'll be adding some stuff as well.

For now, though, here's what I've got, which is all good through Sep 12 at midnight Central time. You can use the following coupon codes at checkout, good for any item or service in any store category/collection at all (though I don't recommend you try to book or order anything urgent, obviously).

Current Coupon Codes:

code sep40 to get 40% off any order totalling $80 or more (before discount, excluding shipping).
code sep30 to get 30% off any order totalling $50 or more (before discount, excluding shipping).
code sep20 to get 20% off any order totalling $20 or more (before discount, excluding shipping).

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