April 30th, 2013

stabat mater dolorosa

April contest: vote for the winner

Here's a St. Michael shrine made by Jessie, who explains that the first two images are of the removable lid, and the third is the inside of the shrine. It was done primarily referring to St. Michael's role as patron of law enforcement officers, hence the tiny handcuffs.

st mike lid

st mike lid inside

st mike inside


Here's a St. Martha altar submitted by a reader from Ohio; she decoupaged and painted the bottle (and set it on a hand-stitched cloth done by her grandmother - lovely touch!).



And here's a Pomba Gira altar; the creator painted the Pomba Gira incense bottle in the photo and arranged the sacred space around it.

pomba gira


And here's a space created by a reader, appropriately named Angelica, for an angelic working she did. She had a dream about finding a big white feather and she says that's exactly how she found it. Then she found the other small white feather on top of it in her closet. That's what I call a sign :-) We had to put this photo through a few different programs to get it to the point where I could post it in the blog, so don't judge the image quality too harshly, y'all.

angel altar


So, you guys get to vote for the winner!

So just choose one of those four to vote for. As the contest description outlines, the poll will be open through May 8. You are welcome to vote for your own sacred space or shrine, and you are welcome to ask your friends to vote. Just please stick to one vote per person, please.

If the system wants you to log in before you can view the radio buttons, please note that you can use your facebook ID, twitter ID, and a host of other things to log in. However, if this is too much trouble or you don't have any of these things, you can also vote by leaving an anonymous comment here. You'll have to go to the trouble of typing, though: choose Michael, Martha, Pomba Gira, or Angels.

Remember the point here is the aesthetic and sacred "vibe" of lay-created, personal shrines or altars dedicated to a spirit, saint, or figure, in which either the spirit him/her/itself or the principles involved in arranging the space derive from or relate to, however distantly, the principles discussed in the contest description post (so yes, spaces or shrines for spirits or figures from Umbanda, Candomble, etc count, as do non-traditional or novel portrayals of traditional saints or spirits). In short, these are about *personal spaces,* not about how many elements of such and such somebody uses or how "Catholic" or whatever something is.

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Vote for the winner!

Pomba Gira