March 25th, 2013

stabat mater dolorosa


feb 2013 honey jars
Success / Prosperity altars (c) Karma Zain 2013

2013-03-20 22.53.32
Custom rosary made for a contest winner (c) Karma Zain 2013

shamim fwop binding tray end
Finishing up some Binding/Hot Foot work (c) Karma Zain 2013


Sacred Heart Carnival Necklace (c) Karma Zain 2013

St. Philomena Chaplet (c) Karma Zain 2013

2013-03-17 06.29.42
Custom spiritual jewelry for a client's specific spiritual goal (c) Karma Zain 2013
stabat mater dolorosa

vetiver, master of the woods available

My mother has sent one of her quarterly supply packages. I don't try to be a retailer of herbs, esp. not those easily found elsewhere; I stick to mixtures and formulas. But if you've ever had trouble finding dried or c/s Master of the Woods or vetiver, I can hook you up at the moment. I also have some unusually large, thin cedar shavings in this batch (you could write on them and fold or roll them up). I don't really want to actually have these be part of regular inventory, as I don't have endless supplies of them (though I do have a crapton of vetiver right now), and I'd really just as soon trade for them rather than sell them. But if you have had trouble finding these, this is a PSA to let you know where you can get them, for the time being anyway. Please email me for quickest response.