March 23rd, 2013

stabat mater dolorosa

two quick things possibly causing delays

Hey y'all,

Two quick things - my auto-respond system seems to be acting stupid, so if you write and get more than one "hey I got your message, will respond when I can" message, don't take it personally - sorry, and I'm working on it. Also, if you didn't get one or got it late, or, God forbid, got a message that no sense at all, I'm sorry about that too, and I'm working on it.  Same goes for payment acknowledgment - it appears at least one went in response to the paypal receipt instead of the website order, which means paypal got it instead of the customer, which basically means nobody got it, it just bounced. I'm working on that too.

Second - my order from my container supplier is late and I have actually run out of two-dram bottles for the first time in like, ever. So if your order has two-dram bottles in it and it goes out a day or two late, that's why!

The rest is just the usual me being buried under papers and candle glass and such and gradually working my way out. You can always check the status queue post to see where things are if you're waiting on me. If you see your name crossed off and you have NOT gotten your email, then holler at me, 'cause something went stupid with the email there too.