December 21st, 2011

stabat mater dolorosa

last day to book vigil lights with reports is Dec 21st

If you want me to set a light before I close for the holidays, then you need to book no later than midnight on Dec 21st.  Lights booked after that will be set upon my return the first week of January. (I will not be out of town all that time, just not taking new altar bookings, because I need the "closed time" to get caught up.

Please note that if you have ongoing work booked already (honey jars), I have made arrangements for that and if I have not been in touch with you personally yet, I will be before I leave town to let you know what's up. If you have ongoing work booked that expired and you were waiting on me to send an invoice for continuing, I probably went ahead and continued it anyway (if you have Justo Juez work, I'm referring to you), since I wasn't able to get back to you before the last contracted extension expired.  If you did not need it continued, I won't be charging you for work you did not specifically order. It was just simpler for me to err on the side of caution in cases where continuing the work would not be detrimental, even if you no longer wanted to extend the contract.

All clients with current work will hear from me before my "vacation," I promise. I will close before I officially leave just so that I have actual time in the day to make sure we're all caught up and on the same sheet of music.  Same goes for folks who have been waiting on me for things like custom invoices or queries about new custom work - those have been at the bottom of the triage pile ahead of work already contracted, since I owe already existing contracts my time ahead of new things. But I will get to everybody before I leave. I anticipate closing on the 24th (and new messages will get the "closed" notice, though I will not leave until I have gotten back to everybody with everything they've been waiting on).  I anticipate being closed from Dec 24- Jan 5, but will post the firm dates once I know them for sure.