December 2nd, 2011

stabat mater dolorosa

my apologies - status update / heads up +_ upcoming changes

The note that is going out with orders placed recently and recent communication:

I apologize if there was any delay in processing your order or responding to your inquiry; due to a combination of storms and flooding with Atlanta's unseasonable weather on the heels of Thanksgiving holiday, and my household being laid low with severe illness necessitating a trip to the emergency room for my youngest, both orders and correspondence between Thanksgiving and the first full week of December have been slowed.  The weather resulted in local services being slowed or interrupted in many areas, and while I regained power and DSL within a few days, some of my suppliers' deliveries to me were delayed and everything from utility service to delivery of wax, feathers, packaging, herbs, and fabric I need to make and fill incoming orders has been affected.  (A tree came down in the front of the apartment complex, destroying my neighbor's new car and blocking ingress for the USPS/UPS for a few days.) 
As of 2 December, my family is now mostly back up on its feet, albeit for small periods of time, and the DSL service appears to be back on for good as of 11 am.   I am terribly sorry for the delay and inconvenience; I wanted to let you know that I have not been ignoring you but had hit some fairly major snags in terms of stock and supplies as well as weathering an illness that literally knocked me off my feet for the better part of a week.
While deliveries and correspondence were delayed, please know that regularly scheduled altar work was not affected; my assistant was able to maintain all candle lighting and altar work that was already scheduled.
I very much appreciate your business and your patience  as things have been moving slower than usual the last couple of weeks.  For future reference, any store closure notices or info about delays are posted on my livejournal, facebook, and twitter feed; I also use these channels to post info about sales and specials as well as one of a kind items and auctions, so bookmark me at your favorite social networking site if you’d like to get updates. Please accept my apology for the glitches and delays as a result of our unexpected closure and slow return to full swing.  I value your business and wanted you to know the reason behind the uncharacteristic delay and lack of communication.

ALSO, in the snafu that has been - well just about everything -- this past week, some asshat has blasted me in the DSRs at ebay. It only takes two or three bad DSRs (and ebay considers anything less than five stars a sign of an unsatisfied customer) to knock your rankings down, take away your top seller or whatever they call it status, and raise the hell out of your fees.  This means one pissed off customer who orders three $5 items can screw you.  Well, I's been screwed. And so I'm afraid that as items get relisted on ebay, there will have to be a slight hike in fees in some categories, and some riskier categories will not be relisted at all (largely custom things that require more than 5 days handling time).  It will take me a while to get to this, because I just got back online today at 11 am, and just got back on my feet- shakily-- today at 10 am after getting back from the emergency room, so it will be a bit before you see this in action; in the meanwhile, these items that will not be available at ebay will be available at bonanza (where the feedback system actually makes sense) and/or the store.  In the meanwhile, everybody feel free to send bad juju over to the asshat who screwed it up for everybody after i was able to stay online for five years without raising my base first class postage fees and was able to offer custom and bespoke items on such a massively risky site as ebay.  That ship has sailed - those days are over.  They lasted as long as they did only because so many of you are so awesome.  It's a damned shame what a couple of asshats who don't read item listings and insist on treating sellers like vending machines can do.
~Karma Zain