October 21st, 2011

stabat mater dolorosa

new condition oils - need names

I have some new formulas, but I need names for them and I am just too tired to think of any.  So hit me up, and if you suggest the "winning" name, and I name my formula after your suggestion, you get a free bottle of any of these, your choice (in other words, if you name the chocolate one but you don't want it and would rather have the healing one, you can have the healing one).  Make sense?

This one will be called Coffee at MidnightOne's a "sexual attraction" type thing, and I've modeled it on a really excellent chocolate-infused specialty tea that I love and have prescribed to clients who are going the "tea and bath" route (the "inside and outside" treatment, really good for spiritual cleansing, protection, and attraction especially). It's got love/affection elements, but definitely a strong lust element.  Redolent with vanilla and coffee absolutes (and thus rich and expensive) it does all the good attracting work of a "foodie" sort of oil (the whole vanilla and sugar cookies thing) but with more depth, spice, and earth than those sticky-sweet blends, and it's not soporific or sickly.  It is, after all, caffeinated :-)  The current batch has matured for a few months now and its true scent should be what I've got in the bottle, so I'm pretty confident that this is a good alternative -- richer, earthier -- to oils like Kaliprix that do the passion, attraction, glamor, and sex appeal thing, but without the strong floral notes that some folks (including me) are not looking for in an oil. (I am just not a roses-and-violets type of person, and I don't personally like or use floral-scented body products, and I'd just as soon have coffee, chocolate, and vanilla over roses. Don't get me wrong - this is sweet - but it's "expensive coffee" sweet and not "two pumps of cheap hazelnut syrup" sweet.)  Can be used by anyone of any gender or orientation.

ETA: This oil is going to be called Chrysalis:  Another is a formula that combines healing and love-drawing; I've designed it for those clients I get who are older, have "loved and lost," have sometimes been single for a while or even divorced or widowed.  It combines elements to draw true steady love with elements to heal from past heartache, and fosters self-respect and esteem/optimism as well (very often an issue for clients who are looking for new love later in life, even when they think it isn't).  I have been prescribing a similar formula for the tea+bath/inside+outside remedy for clients in this situation for a while, and I finally got around to making an oil formula for it too, for those who like to include light setting in their bath rituals; this one especially makes a good "pre-Friday-night-out" ritual.  It's a bit citrus, a bit energizing, a bit earthy, a bit healing - a nice, subtle-steady-energy, balanced attraction/healing blend.  It's especially suitable for women who are nearing, or adjusting to, menopause. 

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