May 28th, 2011

stabat mater dolorosa

RAFFLE and SALE, for June Headwashings / spiritual cleansing event fundraiser

ETA: IThe sale/raffle is closed - thanks to those who participated to help raise funds for this summer's spiritual bath and headwashing event.  If you are attending and would like to make a donation - or even if you are not attending and would like to make a donation -- the "donate" button is still in this post, though the sale buttons have been taken down.  Winners announced in a separate post.

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 And if you would like to donate to support this large, extremely expensive to host, yet free to attend headwashing and spiritual cleansing event, you may do so through this "donate" button.  I do not turn anyone away from these events for financial reasons (though for logistical reasons, they are not a free-for-all where people can just come in off the street - I need a general headcount ahead of time, and so I need RSVPs. And because this event is hosted at a private residence, I *will* turn people away if they are rude, disrespectful of our host, or have demonstrated to me that they are not likely to understand and resonate well with the atmosphere of these events.  But I do not charge admission or fees, and I do not turn anyone away if they are unable to make a donation either in advance or at the site itself during the event).


*The usual handling time applies for sales items, and since the point here is to raise funds, I may combine multiple purchases into one shipment even though I am making you pay for each item individually.