May 18th, 2011

stabat mater dolorosa

status update and consultation/report queue

If you don't know I'm closed and why responses have been slow, please see previous posts.

I have now caught up with all ebay messages sent prior to this weekend.  I have knocked out a big chunk of light setting reports but I'm not done yet; I will start knocking consultations out as soon as I've gotten through the regular email inbox hopefully tomorrow.  I have to pack some orders now, and hope to get caught up on the regular inbox tomorrow.

If you are waiting on a light setting report or consultation, here's the current queue, in the order that they will be typed:


DK, Success
GH, Attraction

JP, St Michael (almost done - had to soak the label off to do the glass reading)
PZ, series
RW, Reconciliation
CC, Cosmas and Damian
CG, love

If your name is not on the list, and you don't have a newish message from me at the email address you used to book your light setting, then your light is still burning.  If your light is not on the list and you know your light finished WAY before now, then your report got lost in the aethyr - email me and I'll resend it if it's not in your spam folder.

Please note on reports that the booking acknowledgment you received stresses that it takes a few days for me to prep your light before setting and a few days to prep your report upon completion, so please be patient. My light setting reports are considerably more thorough than many - in fact, they often contain info you don't really care about, such as at what point a streak started and stopped, but this is so I have a reference to go back to if we need to refer to it later for some reason. Photos often don't pick up those details.  So I don't advertise a 24 hour turnaround - however, if you don't want/need that level of reporting and a photo will do, then I do offer light settings with no report - just drop me a line for those and I can invoice you.


CLS - I'm waiting on your clarification/response to my last email.
VN in CT
PS in NY
JH in BR
KY in WA
PM in IL

I am always happy to refund bookings that I have not begun yet. I am not and have never been the fastest reader in the world, and I don't aspire to be. That's why I'm always happy to help you find someone to do your reading or consult that can work more quickly than I can if you think my turnaround time will not meet your needs.  If you'd like a refund, I'll cheerfully give you one; just send me a message with "refund request" in the subject line for fastest processing.