November 8th, 2010

stabat mater dolorosa

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I stayed on hold with paypal for an hour and a half and my battery ran out before they picked up.  However, the buyer wrote me back then, apparently unaware of the nature and ramifications of a paypal dispute. So the dispute has been lifted.  He has now closed the case and the funds are free, and now the post office is closed, sigh.... but at least I can print labels again.  

I apologize to those of you whose work and/or readings were supposed to happen this late afternoon/early evening - I had to spent it on the phone and typing emails.  If your order was supposed to ship today, it will go out tomorrow.  I do apologize for the delay.



Dear readers,

Because a misinformed ebay customer decided to open a paypal dispute against me, for an item with a one month handling time that I received his instructions for customization on one week ago, I am currently unable to ship any items.  In fact, I am unable to pay my power bill or gas bill.  I do not make the kind of money where I have $400 sitting in any of my accounts to cover this kind of thing, and that is the amount that has been debited from my paypal account, for a large custom vodoun paket and some other items.

If you are a vendor of conjure or vodoun items, I'll be happy to give you the details in private email so you can protect yourselves against him.  He has 24 hours to release the funds, at which point, if he does not, I will release his name and user ID to you.
stabat mater dolorosa

Two new soaps - well, new sizes.

A large, 5 ounce bar of Spiritual Cleansing soap, and a HUGE 6.5 ounce bar of Rosemary Protection soap.  Because you can NEVER have too much of either. The small blue bar is Blue Soap, another spiritual cleansing formula - those are two ounce bars to give you the idea of the sizes.

The large square Protection bars are huge.  Crazy huge.  I LOVE this soap.  The large oval bars are pretty darned big too.  We are going to keep making the two-ounce bars as well, though, since even though I think you can't have too much of this soap, the smaller sizes are pretty darned convenient.

And there's a whisper that our new line of vodoun loa soaps will be in testing phase soon... I am so freakin' excited about these that I am about to burst.  No bursting, and no gratuitous bathing - must finish readings..... but these are going to be *gorgeous* ritual soaps, works of art...