September 30th, 2010

stabat mater dolorosa

two new soaps

Blue Soap
- a spiritual cleansing and uncrossing soap, adapted from my liquid "Blue Bath" spiritual bath.  The ingredients and thus the scent are the same.  If you haven't tried that one, it's a simple but powerful formula made with real Florida Water and laundry bluing among other old-school conjure ingredients.

Rosemary Protection Soap - a protection soap that also happens to be great for your complexion.  It contains herbs and essential oils valued in conjure for their protective qualities, both of the person and of the home, and valued in the beauty industry for their skin purifying and cleansing qualities.  This is a wonderfully scented soap that is excellent for your skin in addition to having protective qualities in the hoodoo tradition (though of course I can't make any supernatural claims and sell this soap as a curio only).  Suitable for use by anyone of any gender, many of these ingredients do double-duty in conjure formulas for female power and mastery, as well as for peaceful home work.

Lor has outdone herself with these, the Rosemary Protection soap especially.  It's simply gorgeous and she's nailed a multi-purpose hoodoo formula that is simultaneously indulgent. 

stabat mater dolorosa

status update

We've had a death in the family, and I'm going out of town tomorrow.  I'll be back Sunday night.  Please be patient with me if you're waiting on me for something.  I'm getting what I can done tonight but on top of being sick this week, and now rather distracted, I'm just not moving at top speed right now.

If you have altar work going on with me right now, rest assured I have arrangements in place to have your work monitored and/or adjusted as necessary over the weekend (though if you are the owner of a honey jar, it's getting a MWF burn anyway, so this won't affect your work).