January 5th, 2010

stabat mater dolorosa

new Uncrossing bar boap at Karma Zain

Master soap markers Heart and Dart have used Karma Zain's proprietary Uncrossing formula, added their own special herbal soapmaking touch and knowledge, and produced a wonderfully-scented, long-lasting bar of goat's milk Uncrossing hoodoo soap.

Bars are gentle on skin and made with the finest herbs and essential oils using Karma Zain's twenty-plus years of herbal rootwork knowledge and Heart and Dart's teacrafted soap-making process. Bars are fully cured and contain no cheap detergents or perfumes, just real herbal hoodoo goodness.

Hoodoo bar soaps are perfect for using as a touch-up in between regular spiritual cleansing baths, or for giving as a gift to someone who won't take a full spiritual bath.  Keep these soaps around for sneaky tricks, for work that has to stay on the low-down, and for travel when you can't carry a liquid soap and/or don't have time to mix up bath salts in your hotel room shower.