March 6th, 2009

stabat mater dolorosa

Tarot / Cartomancy Reading raffle

I have several readings I have to finish over the weekend, and then I will have a little tiny bit of time in the coming week. I also have some brand new card decks I've been wanting to read with. So I've decided to raffle off a reading. Raffle "tickets" are $1. The raffle opens immediately and ends at midnight EST on March 9th.  Tickets may be purchased via paypal using the button below.

I will draw the winner on March 10th and announce him or her here as well as in a personal email. The reading will be delivered to the winner's email inbox when I'm done with it, and the paid readings I have in queue have to come first. I gave up on making any promises about when I would complete readings, as my schedule is so busy these days, so if you have a time sensitive issue, your best bet is to consult one of the readers on my userinfo page; they work much more quickly than I do :-) But if you've been waiting around for me to have time to do a reading, this is a chance. I will probably not accept any new reading orders until this summer, after this one.

I will choose the deck I read with based on its appropriateness to your question or issue.  The winner receives a one-question/issue reading; these average 1-2 pages single spaced.

ETA:  In addition to the usual sort of "relationship status," "upcoming job opportunities," "life path," and "next step" types of readings, this reading could also examine which saints or spirits you should or could be working with for your situation, what rootwork/hoodoo remedies are recommended for your case, what offering you might make to help you overcome a sticky situation or obstacle, etc.  

ETA: Offer is now closed.

stabat mater dolorosa

podcast on points chauds and congregational illuminism

If you are interested in points chauds and/or congregational illuminism, drop by Occult of Personality for a podcast sure to contain something to interest you

Earlier this year, Greg at Occult of Personality interviewed + David Beth on Gnostic Voudon.  Beth's Voudon Gnosis is recommended reading for anyone interested in the Gnostic Voudon material of + Michael Bertiaux.

stabat mater dolorosa

new formulas

Newly listed oil formulas:

Marriage oil - for those trying to get married, and for blessing an already existing marriage

St. Patrick oil -- for working with Irish ancestors, for protection from snakes, and for calling on the blessings of St. Patrick

Dream Vision oil - for prophetic dreams, clear dreams, and better dream recall

Get A Job oil - to help you get that job!

Peace oil - smooths over troubles in home and family, assuages hurt feelings in relationships, brings an aura of peace and tranquilitiy

Stay With Me oil - keep your lover around - and faithful

Kiss Me Quick oil - looking for Mr./Ms. Right Now? This oil is for you.

Abramelin oil - Biblical formula (not the Crowley/Mathers formula -- NOT edible.)

Ketubah oil - This is a biblical anointing oil in the blessing family, containing rare and fragrant henna blossom essential oil among other appropriate oils and herbs. Use for altar work for marriage or engagement, to ritually seal covenants and agreements (either with yourself or between two or more people), and as a reminder of the union of the soul with the Spirit. Some folks use this as an anointing oil when they perform weddings and handfastings, or in spellwork related to their marriages or relationships.

Holy Fire oil - This is a biblical oil in the blessing family, containing hyssop among other appropriate herbs and oils.
Use for altar work for blessing, cleansing, and purging yourself of spiritual ickiness. I find this blend very useful when you're facing one of those places in life where one door closes and another opens, to help you cut harmful ties to the past, make account of and restitution for things you are setting aside and leaving behind, and asking for guidance and blessing as you begin your new endeavor. This oil would be good to use when your divorce is final, when you finally break up with that irresistible bad boy or girl, when you decide to quit smoking, or when you begin a magical retreat or new spiritual practice.

Three Kings oil -If you've been reading my blog, you may recall that I continue my family's old tradition of presenting the Infant Jesus with a little gold-covered casket of frankincense and myrrh at the Feast of the Epiphany. This oil is made with resins from January's presentation ceremony. Each bottle contains a tiny bit of 24 kt gold dust as well. Use for altar work for money and success, for protection, and for healing and drawing blessings. This is one of those multi-purpose oils that no hoodoo cabinet should be without.

Remember that all my oils, powders, and baths are available from my website too, often at a substantial discount. If there's not an operable cart for the page you want, just write me and I can send you a paypal invoice for the things you want.