June 24th, 2008

stabat mater dolorosa

Store Closing Dates, New Items, and Shipping Special

 I have been running around the Southeast a great deal this summer visiting, collecting curios, and working on things both magical and mundane. I will be going out of town again on Friday, June 27th for roughly a week. I will ship all in-house orders before then and ship any placed while I'm gone as soon as possible upon my return.

As my way of saying thanks for your patronage and for your patience as I run around this summer, I'd like to offer all U.S. readers flat rate $6 priority shipping until July 6th. Order ANYTHING, even large candles, and just enter code SOLSTICE$6 in the message box when you request an invoice.

Also, check out my new items -- I hardly ever have the bones I need to make these mojo box pendants, so there aren't going to be many of these in the future.

Happy solstice!

Karma Zain

stabat mater dolorosa

on chicken foot charms, now and then

I keep running into statements like this online, ref. Chicken Foot charms: "Used in hoodoo, voodoo, and ceremonial magick for centuries for love, luck and protection."

Bullshit.  That's just utter bullshit.

I've been avoiding posting this for some time now, because I'm just going to have my research ripped off and posted somewhere else without proper attribution, but what do you do.  I figure it's best for the facts to be out there instead of a bunch of speculation.

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stabat mater dolorosa

on chicken foot charms, now and then (bump)

I started an "article" on chicken foot charms about six or seven months ago, and just now got around to finishing it, for reasons I mention in the post.

Anyway, because I went back to a private eyes-only December entry and adjusted its date/time, it's not showing up on your f-list.  The overwhelming majority of you probably don't care, but if you do, read about fact vs. fantasy on chicken foot charms in the post I made right before this one.


Karma Zain