Karma Zain (karmazain) wrote,
Karma Zain

to get someone to contact you

This is from Vol. 2 of Hyatt's HCWR, p 965.

Write the person's name on a paper and put it under a white saucer in which you will set your candles.  (You would want to use a little melted wax to make the candle secure).  The informant says you should say the words, "Now, this yore name.  This is yo'.  No rest, no peace.  Yo' gotta write to me.  Ah gotta heah from yo'."  You burn a white, blue, pink, and yellow candle, one each day, in this saucer, in that order, until you hear from this person.  If you would prefer a phone call, I imagine it would be appropriate to substitute that request :-)
Tags: communication spells, hyatt, love spells

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