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status post - consultation, reading, and light setting report queue

This post has expired- see the latest status update post here.

Current Gmail/Website Contact Form New Message Queue:

  • Everything prior to Feb 20 is dealt with

  • Everything prior to Apr 28 is dealt with

  • Everything prior to May 15 is dealt with except for consult/reading sessions, stuff that needs looking up, paying, divination, researching, invoicing, reporting, lots of typing, Motrin or bourbon before I can read it, etc.

If you wrote before the above date, and if you do NOT have a *pending* reading, consultation, or altar work report or contract, and if you have NOT gotten a reply (at least an auto-respond email acknowledging your message), then something's gone awry and please, by all means, write again. So if you sent a new query, or a followup question in a thread about a consultation or reading that is no longer pending but has been completed, and you sent it before the above date, *and* if you did not get *any response at all,* then I probably did not get the message.

Please note that if you wrote to ask a question that is answered in the FAQ, item listing, booking or payment acknowledgment email, etc, and you have been provided with the information you asked about, then your query has been marked as "responded" or "resolved." So if you wrote to say "when will you ship my order," you will get the same response every time you ask that question, and you won't get a different response by asking the same question again. If you keep asking the same question after you have been supplied with the answers more than twice, then all you will get is your client file marked with the tag "yellow light" that makes me unlikely to take you on as a client for future work unless/until I'm satisfied we're on the same sheet of music and any communication issues are resolved.

Please also note that if you send a new message in a thread that has a currently unread or unanswered message, your message moves down the inbox queue and is reordered according to the date of latest message. So by all means send more info if it's a burning issue, but if it is not a burning issue, just wait until I get back to you on the last thing for quickest response. My tagging/notification/flagging system rewards those who wait their turn -- the patient rather than the persistent -- and it is set up to notify me right away if you write on a case or issue that is pending because of info I'm waiting on from you. If you send a response in a different thread and do not follow the directions for contact about your case, your response will not turn up flagged as needing my immediate attention, and your message will go into the very large pool of random or new inquiries that I will respond to only after I have responded to the current things that need my immediate attention. Bottom line: read and follow the directions! I don't want to run a huge business with a customer service department. I want to make my customer's items myself and I want to respond to my clients' queries myself. But I can only do this if people read and follow the directions. So if you want my personal attention, you have to follow the procedures :-)

Light Settings Booked or In Progress:

SA (GA) - tapers - 6811, 040813 - refunded/canceled
HC (Ita) - 525U, 050113

Some special light settings and runs of lights are tracked on the client calendar instead; basically, if I wrote up a contract for your work, it's not tracked as a light setting but as altar work, so see below for the Altar Work section.

Lights Done - Reports or Summaries Owed:

KY (run) - 012613A
AF (rush) - 104B, 022813

AF (rush) - 6909, 030213
AK (Can) - 982T, 030213
SDC (Can) - 812M, 041413
SS (Can) - 964E, 041013
GR (CA) -  711E
RH (OH) - run - 1204, 041113
SA (GA) - run - 8517, 031313
SA (GA) - 3453, 041913
SA (GA) - run - 280K, 041713
SS (Can) - 042113A

If your light appears here and is not crossed out, I'm working on it. My reports are detailed and take time to type up. Don't bug me about your vigil light report; you'll get your report when it's ready (review your booking acknowledgment email for details). I don't ever forget, I promise - because I have a system. If you see your initials here and they are crossed out but you have NOT gotten your report, though, and it's not in your spam folder or something, THEN you should bug me about it; if it's crossed off, that means I sent it, so we need to find out where it went if you don't have it.

Consultation Queue:

SP (UK) - 682G, 021513
AF (UK) - 525Y, 021913 -
SA (GA) - 952K, 022013 - canceled, partially refunded
AS (SC) - 2348, 022213
AB (SC) - 5840, 022613
SS (Can) - 984D, 022713
AF (rush) - 901U, 022813
RS (Mal) - 1521, 030213
KY (followup) - 532J, 030713 - canceled, refunded
KY (rush) - 380D, 030713
LC (GA) - 7906, 030913
JM (CA) - 7458, 031613
SW (GA) - *rush* - 830U, 032513 - canceled, refunded
SW (GA) - 532D, 032513 - canceled, refunded
LW (Can) - 332E, 032513
RO (UK) - 605V, 032713
SS (Can) - rush - 413Y, 040313
AR (FL) - 323Y, 040413 - working
SS (Can) - 0640, 042313 - working
SP (NJ) - 2311, 042613 - waiting on response
CM (TN) - 304N, 042713
AR (FL) - 5928, 050913
NS (PA) - 504E, 052013


JL (CA) - waiting on response
BC (CA) - working

DS (Fra)
SG (KY) - working
ES (OH) - canceled, refunded
JJ (CA) - working
AF - 4805, 022713 - canceled, refunded

Altar Work Booked or In Progress:

Altar workings booked or in progress, including special light settings or series that are arranged via contract, are not tracked here; I don't want to publicly post full altar work with enough detail for you to identify your work because it might be enough detail for somebody who knows you to piece it together. But you should have access to the client calendar through Google Calendars (see next par. for more info), and you can see the status of your altar work there.

Altar Work Reports, Updates, and/or Photos Owed:

JH - chicken foot: pending (need something from you before I can do the work)
AF - honey jar report
MC - honey jar report

KY - honey bowl report
KY - honey jar report
KY - paket
KY taper progress photo
SS - honey jar report (home)
SS - honey jar report (fam)
KY - honey jar report (work)


NB: If you have an ongoing contract for runs of lights or honey jars, and you have NOT gotten access to the online client calendar I made so you can check the status of your work (on gmail/google calendars), then write me and I'll investigate why you didn't get one. If you already have a Google Calendar account, you will not get an invitation - it doesn't let me send one. You only get an invitation if you do not have a Google Calendar account. Once you have an account and/or the invitation, you should be able to log into your Google Calendars account with the email address you used to pay your invoice, and it should be available for viewing as "Karma Zain's Calendar" or something like that. If you have questions, please inquire in the current thread dedicated to your altar work instead of sending a new message. (The booking acknowledgment email now explains how this works in more detail, so see your booking email first.)


Since I'm not selling on ebay anymore, I'm not going to maintain a list of blocked buyers anymore (98% of the trouble came from ebay).
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