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status post - consultation, reading, and light setting report queue

This post has expired. The current status update post is here.

Please note: as of June 20, I am still a bit behind on anything requiring internet usage since I had crummy internet for a few days and then no internet at all for two days.  I appreciate your patience as I get caught up. Please direct all irritation and resentment towards my ISP rather than me. :-)

Current ebay message queue:

Everything prior to June 2 is dealt with.
Everything prior to June 6 is dealt with.
Everything prior to June 15 is dealt with.
Everything prior to June 22 is dealt with.
Everything prior to July 4 is dealt with.
Everything prior to July 9 is dealt with.
Everything prior to July 15 is dealt with.

Hassle with idiots has also resulted in my not carrying as many items on eBay as I once did.  So every day, my inventory at eBay gets smaller. Blame the idiots - including the ebay employee/policy version).  If you want something I no longer carry on ebay that is always in stock (oils, baths, powders, washes), and it's not up at the store website yet, just email me at the website and I'll get it added to the inventory for you.

Blocked buyers/clients/customers:

See the last status / queue report post for more info on how to get blocked and how to get unblocked.  If you are wondering if you've not heard back from me on ebay because you've been blocked, here is the list of buyers I've blocked lately - if you are on here and want to talk about the situation, you'll have to email me directly, because your ebay messages will not reach me.

[If you are wondering why it takes me so long to answer emails in general, dealing with this non-paying bidder crap and message back-and-forth stuff is part of the answer.]

  • TB (tamben50) - Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Non-paying bidder.
  • CO (celine359) - Palm Beach, Florida. Non-paying bidder.
  • AJ - California
  • LA (joyousguadalupe) - Ontario, Canada. Non-paying bidder.
  • JP - Delaware
  • JG/EB (gumbolover18)- Ventura, California.  With every transaction, it's always something, often the same something it was the time before and the time before that, and most of those somethings could be avoided if you paid attention the item details, payment acknowledgment, site TOS, and direct responses.  I'm happy to explain/discuss the issues with you and am happy to help you establish service or an account on a site other than eBay, but it's all been just a bit too high-maintenance to deal with on eBay.
  • Mk K (2010mysticunicorn) - Trenton, New Jersey. I would be happy to reopen your account for bidding once I am convinced you have read and understand the site policies and procedures for shipping and handling.
  • AK (Anna_fbmfnbe) - Denver, Colorado. When you have a question about when an item will ship, read the item listing and payment acknowledgment first, write and ask second.  Opening a dispute is not the first step, and that's in the darned site terms of service.
  • NM (kandi_karam3lz) -  Ontario, Canada. Non-paying bidder.
  • ND (ndicker337) - Lafayette, Louisiana. I am concerned about your repeated inability/unwillingness to read/understand published shipping and handling policies.  If I am sure you understand these, I will be happy to reopen your account for bidding.
  • LB (nochedebohemia) - Leiden, Netherlands. I prefer not to do business with people who get mad at me for not reading their minds and who then insult me. If you know how to do it better than I, then please proceed without me, be my guest!  You will be happier with another worker/supplier and I will be happier if you choose another worker/supplier.
  • AG (nupe4sleep) - Glen Burnie, Maryland.  I am sorry that I cannot make an exception to eBay or shop policies for you, but I cannot, and since my instructions, policies, and insistence on adhering to them upset you so much, I think you will be happier with another worker/supplier and I will be happier if you choose another worker/supplier.
  • AL (olivier353) - Kingsburg, California.  You totally wigged out on me after many fine, stress-free transactions. I would be happy to reopen your account for bidding but we would have to talk over the issue first, as well as where you got some of your ideas/thinking in your last message, which were very, very bizarre and not a little insulting.
  • NM - Ontario
  • LH (perryharris3) - Tallahassee, Florida.  I do not do business with people who resort to threats, insults, and electronic temper tantrums, even aside from the vindictive and unwarranted feedback you left.
  • SA (siddeadred) - St. Louis, Missourri.  I would consider reopening your account after we have talked and I am sure you have learned what feedback is for and that you understand your responsibility to read item listings.
  • KC (kimberlyclark4111) - New Hampshire. Non-paying bidder.
  • WS (lacerote) - Oregon. I am concerned about your unrealistic expectations and the tone you have more than once taken in our communication. Since you seem frustrated with my communication and I am definitely frustrated with yours, I think you will be happier with another worker/supplier and I will be happier if you choose another worker/supplier.
  • MCL - Virginia
  • AB - Baltimore. Chargeback.
  • EP (moongoddess2424)- Austin. We just need to sort out that you read listings and payment acknowledgment emails, and can understand procedures and follow directions, so I don't answer the same question 100 times.
  • SN - Michigan
  • LE - Florida
  • JM - California
  • VP (gigli_lover) - New South Wales, Australia. Non-paying bidder.
  • CB/PC - North Carolina
  • KM - Michigan
  • RJ - Virginia
  • GA - Nevada
  • TB (axco212) - Clearwater, Florida. Non-paying bidder.
  • CS - California
  • SP - Birmingham, Alabama
  • LP (syndiemhong) - California. You are blocked unless/until you learn to read.
  • RC - Florida
  • LC - California
  • NL (amazinnickie) - California. You either cannot, or refuse to, read, and you are terrible to do business with, so I note with some horror that you purport to be a spiritual advisor. Your block is permanent and web-wide.
  • M-L G (anjas1mama) - California.  You made an error, which was fine, but then you were bull-headed, arrogant, imperious, and insulting about it, which is not fine. I would prefer you go elsewhere.
  • AK - Colorado.
  • EH (emiliaha) - Non-paying bidder.
  • JD (2011realgemini611) - Concordia, Kansas. You will never see this post because you cannot be troubled to read item listings, FAQs, the eBay user agreement, emails sent directly to you, etc.  Your block is permanent and applies across every site or store where I appear or interact.
  • PB (naavle) - Poland. Non-paying bidder.
  • JP - Miami, Florida
  • LR - New York. I think you and I will both be happier if you shop with someone else.
  • DH - Hammond, IN.  I don't do business with people who cannot act in good faith with communication, who do not read directions and follow the proper channels, and who have payment suspended when proof of shipping has been provided.  If you don't trust me and ten years of good reputation online, then I have no idea why you would want me to do altar work for you anyway.  Enjoy those mojo bags that you haven't paid for; I pray they treat you as well as you treated me.
  • SP (tanjap2012) - Greece. Non-paying bidder.
  • JRL - California. Non-paying bidder.
  • ED (wifeyxtype0x) - Bronx, NY. Chargeback.
  • DE - UK. You have unrealistic expectations that make me concerned; we need to reach an understanding if we are to continue.
  • VK - WI. Non-paying bidder.
  • N-P K - Finland.  It takes me time to set up custom listings and I get annoyed when I go to the trouble and you never follow up. You see, I have to pay money to set up a custom listing even if you never come to purchase it, so you literally take money out of my pocket when you do this.  We need to talk before I open your account for bidding again.
  • FK - Canada. I'm concerned about your not reading/understanding policies.
  • BB - Mississippi.  You don't read item listings, receipts, or FAQs even after being directed to them, and you have the astonishing belief that your purchase of a bottle of oil gives you the right to call me on the phone and get a free consultation on how to use the oil in a spell.  I don't think we're going to work well together.
  • BB - Minnesota. Concerned about your understanding of policies and terms.
  • E C-F (web store buyer)- UK. You will be happier shopping with someone else who doesn't ask you to read the directions instead of sending a barrage of separate emails on the same order. I will be happier not having to plow through those emails and waste time repeating myself.  Good luck finding a shipping rate to the UK lower than mine.
  • LV  (vectorfreedom) - Singapore. Failure to read directions, policies, or payment acknowledgment email; leaving neg/neut feedback for issues beyond seller's control, and without contacting buyer first which in violation of ebay's user agreement.  I would be happy to reopen your account at my web store after discussing these issues, but since the damage is permanent on ebay, I'm afraid your block there is too.
  • D S-G  (cullen121510) - California. Failure to read item listing, directions, policies, or payment acknowledgment email; leaving neg/neut feedback for issues beyond seller's control, and without contacting buyer first which in violation of ebay's user agreement.  Block is permanent.
  • AP (305_pineda) - FloridaFailure to read item listing, directions, policies, or payment acknowledgment email; leaving neg/neut feedback for issues beyond seller's control.  Block is permanent.
  • JW  (westerheidyj09) - Oklahoma.  Apparently insane, at the very least failure to read item listing and leaving neg/neut feedback without contacting buyer first which in violation of ebay's user agreement. Block is permanent.
  • CK  (cinkoh) - SingaporeIt takes me time to set up custom listings, and I have to pay money to list your custom listing even if you never come to purchase it, so you are literally costing me money when you ask for a custom listing and never follow up.  We need to talk before I open your account for bidding on eBay again. June 2012.
  • LB (teacherlady413kp) - South Carolina. Non-paying bidder. June 2012.
  • NS (website client) - Johnstown, PA. I am afraid that clients who want email services have to follow the procedures and read the instructions, same instructions and procedures for everybody just like they've been for years. Since this seems to frustrate you, I think we will both be happier if you seek out another worker. June 2012.
  • CM (dottieddd21) - Connecticut. Non-paying bidder. June 2012.
  • LC (web customer) - Vancouver. Checked out with US shipping; never responded to emails or invoice re. international shipping. Refunded and blocked June 2012.
  • EH (website client) - Parma, OH. Refunded/refused and blocked due to unrealistic expectations and repeated email bombing resulting in my having to repeat myself too often. June 2012.
  • ND (thefaeriesnowqueen) - Albuquerque, NM. Non-paying bidder. July 2012.
  • EH (hipp12beach) - Pensacola, FL. Chargeback. July 2012.

If you are new and this is scaring you off, please don't let it - I don't bite unless I'm bitten first, I do have a sense of humor (that probably doesn't come through like it ought in the above remarks) and the overwhelming majority of new customers are just honestly lovely.  If you are reading this post and this blog, you are probably not going to end up in the blocked list, since 99% of blocked buyers ended up blocked because they do not read - item listings, directions, FAQs, email responses, store policies.  (The other 1% get blocked for pestering me after repeatedly being told not to, or thinking that the policies don't apply to them somehow.)

Current gmail/website contact form message queue:

Please note that if you send a new message in a thread that has a currently unread or unresponded message, your message moves down the inbox queue and is reordered according to the date of latest message.  So by all  means send more info if it's a burning issue, but if it is not a burning issue, just wait until I get back to you on the last thing for quickest response. My tagging/notification/flagging system rewards the patient, not the persistent, and it is set up to notify me right away if you write on a case or issue that is pending because of info I'm waiting on from you. If you send a response in a different thread and do not follow the directions for contact about your case, your response will not turn up flagged as needing my immediate attention, and your message will go into the very large pool of random or new inquiries that I will respond to only after I have responded to the things that need my immediate attention.  Bottom line: follow the directions. If that bothers you, or if you will not read booking or payment receipt instructions/info, then you'll be happier going elsewhere. I don't want to run a huge business with a customer service department. I want to make my customer's items myself and I want to respond to my clients' queries myself. But if you want my personal attention, it takes time and you have to follow the procedures. There are no exceptions no matter who you are.

Everything prior to May 28 is dealt with.
Everything prior to May 30 is dealt with
Everything prior to June 9 is dealt with
Everything prior to June 25 is dealt with
Everything prior to July 2 is dealt with except for stuff that needs looking up, paying, divination, researching, invoicing, Motrin or bourbon before I can read it, etc.

consultation queue:

EH- refunded/refused (already declined case)
AF - daughter
EH - attraction - refunded/refused
TF - working
AF - prosperity
NS - refunded/blocked

consultations pending

SB - waiting on issue/question for consultation
DJ - waiting on info

light reports or photos:

ES - job
MC in NY - relationship
MC in CA - photo only
MGC in Canada
AC - jar
AB - jar

If you are not listed above, your light's not done burning, or you ordered a "run" or series of lights back to back.  Don't bug me about it; you'll get your report when it's ready (review your booking acknowledgment email for details).  If you see your initials here and they are crossed out and you have NOT gotten your report, THEN you should bug me about it, because it means I sent it, so we need to find out where it went if you don't have it.

altar work reports, updates, and/or photos owed/upcoming:

AF - money
AF - marriage

KY - summary/photos of MSWM and CoE
JH - honey jar
EH - uncrossing

NB: If you have an ongoing contract for runs of lights or honey jars, and you have NOT gotten access to the online client calendar (on gmail/google calendars) I made so you can check the status of your work, then write me  and I will send you an invitation to the client calendar or investigate why you didn't get one. If you have been sent an invitation, you should be able to log into google calendars with the email address you used to pay your invoice, and it should be available for viewing as "Karma Zain's Calendar" or something like that. Please inquire in the current thread dedicated to your altar work instead of sending a new message. (The booking acknowledgment email now explains how this works in more detail, so see your booking email first.)

other pending issues - stuff I need before I can do the work:

JH - waiting on personal concerns for altar work - refunded
JH - chicken foot situation pending
LC - Canada - waiting on payment of international shipping. canceled, refunded, blocked
CS - Brazil - waiting on your response. eta: I guess you got it since you never wrote back.
EH - waiting on paypal to clear for order - chargeback, canceled
AF - waiting on petition for mojo bag
AF - waiting on photo/petition for uncrossing work
AF - waiting on photo/petition for light setting
TA - waiting on details for custom herbs
EH - waiting on petition/photo for uncrossing work
AA - waiting on names/petitions or go ahead to temp tie bags



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