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scams and frauds - unethical worker alert

A spammer has been hitting my blog comments to advertise paid voodoo services to get one's lover back. If you don't know why this is a combo of like three different red flags that you should be on the lookout for when you hunt for a professional worker, then read up at my links and resources on frauds and scams, such as my post on How to Avoid Scam Artists.

The spam purports to be from Janet or Jannet Watson (or Madeson), the supposedly satisfied customer (but actual sock puppet) of a MERUJA OWO.  The comment lets you know to be wary of emails from merujaowo101 at live.com and dorispinto101 at yahoo.com  You can see an essentially identical spam post at any of the following links in the comments sections:

A response to "Spiritual Book Study" where you learn to guard yourself against the email addresses Nativedoctor101 at live.com and jannet_madeson at yahoo.com.  'Cause, you know, real voodoo magic is 1. all about getting your straying husband back with no effort on your part, and 2. all about Native American spirituality.  (eyeroll)

A response to a blog post about Mitt Romney with the same email addresses

A blog on kids' hair, same email addresses

An "article" on getting your lover back from someone else entirely, which gives us a new name to be wary of: Gregory Mitche (who signs his/her comment as Jannet Madeson whose husband was returned through voodoo magic)

and you can easily find 20 more pages worth if you google jannet_madeson at yahoo or Meruja Owo.

What you can't find is any other information on Meruja Owo aside from an email address that changes from site to site.  Red flags all around.

I do not have time to go hunting for this stuff - it's not my hobby to go around identifying probable scam artists, nor is it my job. However, when one brings himself or herself to my attention my trying to scam my readers by spamming my blog, I will take a few minutes to remind the world that there are honest workers out there, and ethical workers don't drum up business by spamming hundreds of blogs and pretending to be a satisfied client.  Caveat emptor!
Tags: frauds, scams, unethical worker alert

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