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Frequently Asked Questions (the FAQ collection)

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This is a work in progress, not exhaustive.

Breakup Work: About, Justification, Ethics
Commanding and Compelling
Communication: Hyatt Spell to Get Contact
Court Case Work
Crossed Conditions
Evil Eye: Removing
Hot Foot: Hot Foot Trick with Dog Manure
Job: A Shoe Trick for Getting a Job
Job: St. Anthony for Getting A Job
Love: Spells and Free Will
Peaceful Home: Collected Posts
Reconciliation: Collected Posts
Reconciliation: Realistic Expectations
Return a Lover: Black Cat Bones
Return a Lover: Theory and Practice
Reversing: Common Client Questions
Special Oil #20: Multipurpose "Ketchup of Condition Oils"
Stay at Home: Keep Him Home with Earwax
Stop Gossip and Commanding/Compelling Work: Theory and How-to
Success and Mastery: How to Use Products for Success
Tying Nature: Ligature Spells

This is a work in progress, not exhaustive.

Black Cat Bones: to Return a Lover
Cat Hair: White Cat Hair in a Breakup Spell
Cayenne, Sulphur, and other Irritants: Theory
Chicken Feet
Cow Tongue: A Stop Gossip Spell
Dog Manure: in Hot Foot  Work
Earwax: For Keeping Your Lover Home
Eggs: for Peaceful Home
Goofer Dust: About
Graveyard Dirt & Graveyard Work
Rattlesnake Dust
Shoes: A Shoe Trick for Getting A Job

Formulas and Formula Families
As I write up descriptions and explanations of various common conjure formulas, I'll link to them here.

Uncrossing, Trick-Killing, Jinx-Breaking

Instructions and Theory
This is a work in progress, not exhaustive. See also Recommended Reading and Books sections, below.

Baths: Spiritual Bath Instructions at Hoodoo Foundry
Candles: Dressing and Fixing
Candles: Setting by Days of the Week, at Lucky Mojo
Condition Oil: Usage and Applications
Days of the Week: Working by the Weekday at Lucky Mojo
Disposing of Ritual Remains, at Lucky Mojo
Doll Babies and Image Magic
Frequency of Spellcasting: How Much Work is "Too Much"?
Graveyard Work
Karma: A Few Widespread Misconceptions and One Especially Egregious Pile of BS
Mojos: Storing and Carrying
Mojos: Tying
Name Papers and Petition Papers
Personal Concerns: Theory and Practice
Personal Concerns: Sneaky Tricks, Concerns in Food
Petitions: Focusing your Goals
Powders in Hoodoo: Theory and History
Powders: Usage and Applications
Sneaky Tricks: Personal Concerns in Food
Spells: Setting Time Limits, Duration of Spells
Spells: Timing and Duration
Spells: "What's the Strongest Possible Spell/Product/Mojo?"
Targets and "Direction" of Work: Theory and How-to
Timing and Duration in Spellwork
Timing: "How Long Will It Take To Work?"
Timing Spells, Setting Limits, and the Non-Existent "Rule of Three"
Using Condition Oils
Using Products
Using Products, redux
Vigil Lights: How to Dress Them

Spirits and Saints: Theory and Practice
This is a work in progress, not exhaustive.

Ancestors: Ancestor Altars at Hoodoo Foundry
Archangels: A Medieval Prayer
Guardian Angel: Medieval Prayer
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Relics, Shrines, and Pilgrimage
Sainthood: A Technical Term
Saints: "Making Them Work" and Other Bad Ideas; Coercive Approaches
Saints and Angels: Punitive Miracles and Smiting
Saints and Angels: Working With and Petitioning
Saints and Angels: Theory
Saints: Working With Saints
Santisima Muerte: Petitioning, Altar-Sharing
Spirit Work Information at AIRR
St. Anthony: For Getting A Job
St. Anthony for Reconciliation
St. Anthony: Mama Cat on Returning a Lover
St. Cyprian: Collected Posts
St. Expedite: Balthazar on Working with Expedite
St. Expedite: Information at AIRR
St. Expedite: Mama Cat on Working with Expedite
St. Martha the Dominator: History and Working With St. Martha
St. Michael: Collected Posts
St. Michael and Warrior Angels
St. Michael: Info at AIRR
St. Michael: Setting St. Michael On Your Enemies

Education, Etiquette, and Ethics
These links are useful for anyone who has engaged or intends to engage the services of any professional reader or rootworker, as they have useful tips on finding a good worker and being a good client. Anyone who is considering hiring me should also see the Client Info section below for specific info about my policies and procedures.

Backfiring Work, Karma, the Threefold "Law": More Conjure Myths
Clients: Suggestions for Clients, from Lucky Mojo
Ethics and Accountability: "No Real Spellcaster would...." and other Myths and Legends
Free Will Redux
Love Spells and "Free Will"
Ratings and Why You Should be Wary of the Concept
Scam Artists: How to Avoid
Scams: The Collected Posts
Sites that List "Spellcasting Scams" and "Legitimate Psychics," etc, at Cat's Rants (why you should be wary of them)
Success Rates and Guarantees: Why You Should Be Wary of Those Who Advertise Them
Why We Sometimes Tell You Your Business (and Why You Should Not Get Shirty About It)

Client Info
These links are useful for anyone who has engaged or intends to engage the services of any professional reader or rootworker, as they have useful tips on finding a good worker and being a good client.  (You should also see the Education, Etiquette, and Ethics section).  And anyone who is considering hiring me should definitely read them, as some of these are specific to my policies and procedures.

Altar Work: About and How to Book
Altar Work: Commonly Requested Work and Services
Altar Work: Booking New Altar Work with Karma Zain
Client Etiquette: Hiring Multiple Workers
Client Etiquette: How Not to Get Fired as a Client or Customer
Consultations, Coaching, and Rush Services
Consultations: How They Work and How to Book
Hiring a Worker: Things to Know, by Mama Cat
Hiring Multiple Workers
Light Settings: Tapers vs. Vigils
Personal Concerns: Sending Concerns to your Worker
Pro Bono Intake Consultations
Readings: How to Get a Lame Reading

About Karma Zain and Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies
These links refer to policies and info specific to Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies and Services, at karmazain.com, etsy, bonanza, and ebay.

About Karma Zain: Interview by an Anthropology Student
About Karma Zain: Bio at KarmaZain.com
About Karma Zain: Info at AIRR
Instructions for Products: Why There Aren't Any
KarmaZain.com Store Policies and FAQs
Package Tracking: Why You Have to Wait 20 Days for a Claim
Products: Shelf Life
"Where is My Package?"

Resources, Recipes, and Recommended Reading [*]
See also Books below. Also, please do not leave a comment here asking me to review your website. That is not what this FAQ is all about.

AIRR Code of Ethics
AIRR: On Avoiding Fake Psychics and Scams
Books, Spellbooks, Instructions
Cat's Rants: Before Hiring a Worker
Cat's Rants: Realistic Goals in Spellwork
Cat's Rants: Recipes, Advice, Theory, Instructions
Christopher Warnock: Sometimes the Magic Works, Sometimes It Doesn't
Dr. Raven's Conjure: Occultism & Magic
Lucky Mojo: Hoodoo in Theory and Practice
Milagro Roots: Tips, Tricks, Lore, and Wisdom from Miss Bri
Mississippi Cunning and Conjure with Rev. T.B. Tixerand
New World Witchery: American Traditional Witchcraft
Rev. Fred: Hoodoo and Spirit Work in Italy
Using Products and Finding Info

The following are physical books I can recommend to the interested student of conjure.  To head off the inevitable comments along the lines of, "On page 45, so and so says x, y, and z, but then I've read that [blah blah blah] so who's right and who's wrong," I will say this up front: I do not necessarily endorse all of the views and/or personally practice or subscribe to all of the spells, rites, methods, or instructions in any of the books listed here. But if I've listed a book here, then I've found something worthwhile about the material in the book and I think it worth owning. (I don't necessarily disagree with anything in the books here either, so don't take my caveat to mean that I'm casting aspersions on any book or author.) To head off the inevitable "you don't have X listed here, why not?" I will say up front: this list is not exhaustive. A book's not being included here today should not be taken as a comment upon said book. Also, please do not leave a comment here asking me to review your book. That is not what this FAQ is all about.

Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, by catherine yronwode
Old Style Conjure, by Starr Casas
Spiritual Cleansing: A Handbook of Psychic Protection, by Draja Mickaharic


[*] Re. Resources and Recipes: I have not attempted to link to everything under the sun that might be useful. I have mostly sought to list blogs and discussion groups that are currently active and regularly updated by professional workers or others whose knowledge and experience are considerably beyond the norm. (This is not to bash the educated student of conjure who works for him- or herself, by any means; there are plenty of educated and talented folks out there who have made thorough study of conjure and/or grown up with it. And it's not to put down published books at all; there are a few out there that are worth reading.  But somebody who teaches and/or performs conjure for clients is going to have a variety and depth of experience that no amount of book-reading or study can replicate.  You learn more from taking clients for six months than you do from studying on your own for five years. A professional worker with ten years of experience will have performed thousands of spells for a wide variety of situations for people from all walks of life and cultures; that will of necessity take you far beyond what you'd encounter in working for yourself and your family.  So a pro worker or reader who also blogs, publishes, and/or teaches -- who hosts a site that is more than just advertising or a storefront for their products or services but who actually discusses and explains those products and services and the work that they do -- is an incredible resource. If you are interested in traditional American Hoodoo, you should be familiar with active bloggers and writers who interact with the public. I've linked to some of my favorites here, and also listed a few resource posts from this blog and a few websites you should know about. This is a work in progress, not exhaustive. Just because I don't have a link to somebody here yet doesn't mean I don't think them worth reading. The people who link to me have probably gotten linked to ahead of others who are in the queue for me to mention when I have a chance:-)

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