Karma Zain (karmazain) wrote,
Karma Zain

Removing Malocchio - recommended reading

One of my colleagues, Rev. Fred, has posted an article at his blog on traditional Italian method of removing malocchio (evil eye). As he notes, this method is useful for removing other types of negativity and evil as well.  Even if you know similar methods of cleansing from other regions of the world, you should *still* read this, not only because Rev. Fred knows firsthand how this is done by elders who were born to the tradition (always better to have a personal perspective in addition to what you can learn from a book, in my opinion!), and because he explains it so well and gives such a wonderful, authentic charm or prayer, but also because he shows a simple way to do the kind of censing required.  I have recommended censing to clients before, but often it's difficult to purchase the type of censer you need if you live away from specialty religious stores or are in a hurry and can't mail-order something.  (For many people, they think of stick incense when they think of incense, and that will not suffice for this sort of thing. So they don't always have the proper sort of pre-made censer on hand or easily available, if their incense usage is usually stick incense.)  The censing method explained here is brilliant and nearly anyone can make this censer with materials already on hand.  Remember, our ancestors probably did NOT use shiny, new color-coded ceramic candle-sticks and glossy wands and crystal cups and brass thuribles -- so really, this is the traditional way!  You don't have to have the store-bought items in order to do this work!
Tags: cleansing, evil eye, spiritual cleansing

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