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status post - consultation, reading, and light setting report queue

This status post has expired - please see the current status and queue report here.

Current ebay message queue:

Caught up as of Jan 20.
Caught up as of Jan 23.
Caught up as of Jan 24 - inbox is clear.  Sheesh.
Everything prior to Jan 31 is dealt with.
Everything prior to Feb 5th is dealt with.
Everything prior to Feb 6th is dealt with.
Everything prior to Feb 14th is dealt with.
Everything prior to Feb 28th is dealt with.
All messages dealt with as of Feb 29.

ETA: For God's SAKE I have had more hassle with ebayers in the past six months than I had in the previous eight years combined. For how this may affect you, keep reading under the cut.

If you are buying from someone with ten years on ebay and overwhelmingly positive feedback from thousands of transactions, why in the world would you think that seller suddenly decided to flake and start with you, and refuse to ship your item or suddenly start treating you like crap?  I mean, what kind of sense that does even make?  What do I have to gain from not shipping your stuff, for God's sake? If the tracking number is in your ebay, that means *I had to pay for the label.* WHY would I pay for a label and not use it?  And if I were *going* to start ripping customers off, why in the *world* would I start with nickel-and-dime domestic orders?  Do people really think ebay is full of sellers with eight years of positive feedback who want to lie to them over $5 and $10 transactions?  If 5,000 people before you have managed to read the item listing and instructions, and you're the exception, consider that that might be on you and not me. It makes NO sense, and it's getting worse and worse every month.  Three people who don't read have single-handedly ruined my feedback in 2012 to the extent that my ebay fees have gone up by 20%, resulting in a price hike. So you can thank them, and the fact that they can't be bothered to read  for the higher prices you have to pay.  It only takes three idiots.

Hence my blocking buyers who come across as even vaguely hinky or like they don't read item listings or instructions, and hence my carrying fewer and fewer items on ebay these days.  Most ebay buyers are great, but it only takes two or three stupid ones to screw it up for the rest of y'all, since ebay treats sellers as guilty until proven innocent, or in some cases, simply screwed even though they can demonstrate innocence because a buyer can refuse to read the damned directions and open a complaint on a buyer who can demonstrate the item was shipped.  I am so sick of this.

Because of eBay’s feedback setup and the low return for all the stress involved, if my interaction with a customer there leads me to believe that they have not read my item listings and policies and are going to be upset about the handling time they ignored, or the USPS service that I have no control over, I am quick to block such customers from future bidding, because I do not love migraines over $5 bottles of oil that ebay/paypal get 65% of leaving me with about a twenty-cent profit when it’s all said and done.  I’m not just being a jerk here either, folks – buyers are required  by TOS to read listings and policies but there is no penalty if they don’t, and they are required by TOS to contact a seller before leaving negative or neutral feedback, but there is no penalty if they don’t, and they can leave you negative feedback even if they are in violation of the TOS. It’s too risky and too stressful, so I am *very quick* to block bidders on ebay if I see they don’t read listings/policies or if they otherwise make my life too difficult. Often I will still deal with you on other sites, if you are blocked on eBay, and/or unblock you if you contact me and we can work it out, but I have to know that you understand the eBay Terms of Service and understand my policies and read my listings before I will deal with you on eBay.

If you want something I no longer carry on ebay, and it's not up at the store website yet, just email me at the website and I'll get it added to the inventory for you.

(NOTE I have a 48 hour -two business day - turnaround time on ebay messages, which is in accordance with ebay standards.  I am not open on weekends or federal holidays and they do not count toward the 48 hours/two business days. If your email involves a lot of typing or my looking something up, it may take longer - I'm not amazon.com, y'all. If you don't hear from me within two business days, I promise it's not personal and I will reply to any questions if they have not been answered in the FAQ or auto-respond and if you are not blocked from bidding.)

Blocked buyers/clients/customers:

If you are wondering if you've not heard back from me on ebay because you've been blocked, here is the list of buyers I've blocked lately - if you are on here and want to talk about the situation, you'll have to email me directly, because your ebay messages will not reach me. The majority of these are non-paying bidders (and that includes people who reverse or hold payments even though they are in possession of proof of shipment), so you shouldn't be surprised if that's you, but I'm open to talking about it if something came up and you couldn't get to a computer to talk with me before a week had passed from your purchase date - stuff happens, I get it. The blocking is just a sensible precaution.  (If you are just wandering by this post, don't freak out if you see initials on it that could be yours and you and I have never had an issue with a transaction and you haven't sent me multiple emails asking questions that have already been answered - there are probably lots of people in that state with those initials. This is just for people who are wondering if their not hearing from me yet is due to their being blocked - if you read things, like listings and blog posts, you are probably never going to end up on this list.)

[If you are wondering why it takes me so long to answer emails in general, dealing with this non-paying bidder crap and message back-and-forth stuff is part of the answer.]

TB - Ohio
AJ - California
LA - Ontario, Canada
JP - Delaware
JG/EB - California
Mk K - Trenton, New Jersey
ND - Lafayette, Louisiana. Concerned about your understanding of published shipping and handling policies.
LB - Leiden, Netherlands. Please stay away.
AG - Glen Burnie, Maryland.
AL - Kingsburg, California.  You totally wigged out on me after many fine transactions. Concerned.
NM - Ontario
LH - Tallahassee, Florida.  Nuh-uh.
SA - St. Louis, Missourri.  We can talk when you learn what feedback is for.
KC - New Hampshire
WS - Oregon. Please stay away.
MCL - Virginia
AB - Baltimore. Chargeback.
EP - Austin. We just need to sort out that you read listings so I don't answer the same question 100 times.
SN - Michigan
LE - Florida
JM - California
CB/PC - North Carolina
KM - Michigan
RJ - Virginia
GA - Nevada
TB - Florida
CS - California
SP - Birmingham, Alabama
LP - California. Don't write until you can take time to read policies.
RC - Florida
LC - California
NL - California. Don't bother.
M-L G - California. Don't bother.
AK - Colorado.
JD - Concordia, Kansas. You will never see this post because you cannot be troubled to read item listings.
PB - Poland
JP - Miami, Florida
LR - New York. I think you and I will both be happier if you shop with someone else.
DH - Hammond, IN.  I don't do business with people who cannot act in good faith with communication, who do not read directions and follow the proper channels, and who have payment suspended when proof of shipping has been provided.  If you don't trust me and ten years of good reputation online, then I have no idea why you would want me to do altar work for you anyway.  Enjoy those mojo bags that you haven't paid for; I pray they treat you as well as you treated me.
SP - Greece. Non-paying bidder.
JRL - CA - non-paying bidder.
ED - Bronx, NY. chargeback.

If you are new and this is scaring you off, please don't let it - I don't bite unless I'm bitten first, and the overwhelming majority of new customers are just lovely.  Please bear with me - I LOVE my customers.  The ones I don't love - well, they stop being my customers :)  If you are reading this post and this blog, you are probably not going to end up in the blocked list, since 99% of blocked buyers ended up blocked because they do not read.

Current gmail/website contact form message queue:

Caught up prior to Jan 16
Caught up prior to Jan 17.
Caught up prior to Jan 27
Caught up prior to Feb 24 except for stuff that needs looking up, paying, researching, Motrin or bourbon before I can read it, divination, etc.

consultation queue:


SB - waiting on statement of issue/situation
TA  / SM- refunded

light reports or photos:

JF - Crown of Success
JF - Lottery Luck

SK - Success

SK - Road Opener
MC (NY) - 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 - working
SK - Come to Me
MC (Canada)
PS - 1, 2, and 3 of 3 - working
PS - Road Opening
PS - Follow Me

If you are not listed above, your light's not done burning, or you ordered a "run" or series of lights back to back.  Don't bug me about it; you'll get your report when it's ready (review your booking acknowledgment email for details).  If you see your initials here and they are crossed out and you have NOT gotten your report, THEN you should bug me about it, because it means I sent it, so we need to find out where it went if you don't have it.

altar work reports, updates, and/or photos owed:

TV - doll
JV - honey jar
JH - jar
DM - jar/justo juez
MC - jar
AC - jar
JV - jar

NB: If you have an ongoing contract for runs of lights or honey jars, and you have NOT gotten an invitation/link to the online client calendar I made so you can check the status of your work, then write me  and I will send you an invitation to the client calendar.  Please reply in the current thread dedicated to your altar work instead of sending a new message.

other pending issues:

JH - waiting on personal concerns for altar work
JH - chicken foot situation pending
DS - put in trace request with USPS, pending response haven't gotten a real answer from them, just a useless form letter telling us nothing, so I'm remaking your order and resending. resent new package.
SP - waiting on personal concerns
BS - waiting on personal concerns



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