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status post - here's how getting caught up works

For obvious reasons, I have to work on getting orders out first and foremost (this is because most of my customers don't actually read things, like FAQs and form letters designed to give them the info they need and conserve my time so that I can spend it filling orders).  So these folks can be quite unsympathetic over things like hospital stays slowing down my ability to prepare and pray over every item I sell.  It's also because you guys order stuff with spiritual work in mind, usually - and you need the stuff to do your stuff.  Also, the post is simply slower in the holiday season, so I cannot risk taking any longer than necessary, as the lines are out the door at the post office lately; package pickup, package intake, and package delivery simply take longer from Nov-Jan.

Nonetheless, people who ignore the form letters and think they need a personal response from me telling them the same info that my assistant is telling them or that they have already had emailed to them, thus proceed to ignore the letters and messages and thence proceed to pester me, are not going to be my customers anymore, if not through their own devices, then through mine. There are only 24 hours in a day, and I have been spending half of them in bed recovering when I'm not traveling to yet another doctor appointment.  I'm doing the best i can. If you want me to prep your order, you're going to have to give me a chance to do something besides sending redundant answers to emails.

This also means that folks requesting new altar work are probably not going to get a personal response until I have some idea when I might be able to set up that work.  Since I don't even know what is wrong with me yet and whether I will wake up tomorrow suddenly better or whether I'm in something for the long haul here, I can't really tell you anything solid yet.  I can certainly handle light settings and mojos, and I am honoring the work I am already retained for and not letting it slide (though reporting is a bit slower than usual); but new personalized altar work beyond that, you might not get a quick response to.  I'm sorry - I'm only human, I'm not well, and things are not going at the speed of light over here.  I prefer to emphasize quality over quantity, and I assume you guys prefer that as well. If not, we got off to a bad start with your misunderstanding how i work; nothing will leave in a USPS package that I have not been involved with. I do not have a staff to do my work-room and altar-room stuff. I do all my own products and pray all my own prayers and set up all my own altar work.  In order to do that, I sometimes must solicit help in answering email messages that don't need my personal response as the info can be conveyed by someone else or by an automated response system I've established and have used for ages (it's only this month that so many people have gotten bent out of shape about the form letter thing - god only knows what eBay is doing for its publicizing lately, but there is an unusual slew of people not reading item details before ordering lately, and I'm taking some awful hits on things like ratings and feedback, largely due to people not reading things. It sucks. But if new buyers choose not to shop with me in the future, I'm much less concerned about that than about existing/regular buyers getting the wrong idea - hence my endless and doubtless annoying posts and letters giving TMI about my personal life).

Consultations and light setting reports - I have never forgotten one yet and i'm not about to start now.  If there is a risk I will not be home when the light goes out, I have that covered through the kindness of assistants who check in for me and take the appropriate notes.  I promise you'll get your report or consult as soon as I can get it to you, and I promise I personally do the setting up and reporting, as the consultations proper.

Now, having put up yet another post containing nothing of substance for regular readers, I will at least link to some interesting things since I don't have time to make a substantive post right now.

Some Pearls of Wisdom from Mama Cat on communication spells.

Dr. Raven has some food for thought for those who work with spirits. I have seen a surge in this area as well, and this is a topic that needs more written about it, as a lot of folks seem to have the wrong idea (though from more than one direction - some err on the "command them" side, some on the "St. Expedite is a genie who grants wishes" side, some on the "i call all spirits to attend through my ceremonial circle" side- in short, this is a vast subject and there is NOT a one-size-fits all approach). As this article should make clear, a lot of it depends on religious traditions and the religion of the practitioner in question as well - and some of it should actually be common freakin' sense but often isn't. I will add this one to my list of links to send people writing with questions like "How long until the St. Expedite candle works" as part of my effort to explain why the question itself is all wrong and cannot be answered as such.

An excellent post at New World Witchery on dowsing.
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