Karma Zain (karmazain) wrote,
Karma Zain

status post - delays with online communication

Hey guys,

Sorry for the radio silence - I got back from Alabama after Thanksgiving weekend (it's a federal holiday here, for my non-US readers, and I'm closed when the post office is closed) to a downed tree in my complex, thanks to unusually heavy rain causing flooding in low-lying and poorly-drained areas (like most of cement-covered Atlanta) and unusually cold weather (we don't *do* snow in November, usually! Crazy!)  Internet's back up but way spotty (I have DSL instead of one of those nifty satellite setups, but I'm not sure those are storm-proof either). 

I've been scrambling to chase down my deliveries of carrier oil and two-dram bottles from the UPS guys who have also been slowed down getting into my neighborhood.  I finally got them today and so orders are in queue and processing as usual; email and such is still slow going due to a massive freakin' backlog of emails like you wouldn't *believe.*  I'm working on it, though I only got started today, and I hope to be fully caught up by Friday.  (I will be "open" this coming weekend to make up for lost time.)  All the BS in the neighborhood also resulted in some debris that meant I flattened a nearly-new tire driving over a large screw on my way home from the post office the other day, and that kept me hopping around on errands and away from the computer and work room for a bit too; I guess I should be grateful, though, that one of those trees did not land on my car after it knocked out a power line - my neighbor wasn't so lucky.

So if you're waiting on me, bear with just a bit longer - I'm trying to triage and respond to things with deadlines or dates involved first, and hope to have responded to all before the weekend.
Tags: status update

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