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ebay buyers / customers to avoid

If you sell on ebay, bonanza, etsy, or similar sites where your nuts are in a vise b/c buyers can leave bad feedback if they get a papercut opening an envelope, you might want to head on over to my public feedback page on ebay, and check out & consider blocking syndiemhong and amazinnickie if you sell similar types of items. I'm only human and I make mistakes, but these guys are in violation of ebay's terms of service, and are too ignorant to be using ebay.

Terms of service clearly state buyers are responsible for *gasp* - reading the listing.  thanks, ebay, for your fabulous feedback system! It just works so effin' well. 

Just FYI here's the listing on this last one, which as you can see clearly states in plain English, "I don't take any special care to get these whole or to keep these whole or intact, as they are generally ground up or used in small bits in hoodoo.  Photo is stock - you will not necessarily get the type pictured. The picture is just to give you an idea of typical stock.  It may have holes, tears, or be in more than one piece."  But evidently she doesn't know what snakeskin looks like when you get it from the damned snake; it's impossible for it to be crushed in the mail. I sure hope she doesn't try to *make anything with it,* ye gods, keep goofer dust away from that person.

And if you want to punish somebody for USPS delivery times and a federal holiday happening during your transit time, well according to ebay that's your right, but you should know you're an asshole, and I'm going to tell you you're an asshole, and other people should be warned that you're an asshole, and I'm going to warn them you're an asshole. 

(If you are a colleague of mine and you want updates when I meet an unreasonable buyer, write me and I'll put you on my "blocked bidders/buyers update info list."  We have no recourse for unfair feedback even when the buyer is in violation of TOS; this is all the recourse we have, watching each other's backs.  My feedback page is public so I'm not violating anybody's privacy - they choose to have their usernames made public when they choose to leave feedback.) 

Sorry if my communication has been slower than usual, lately, guys - as you can see, I have had my hands full dealing with idiots, and all the time I have to spend tracking down the shipping info *that was already emailed to them and uploaded to their 'my ebay'* means I am spending less time typing reports and setting lights and answering emails from the overwhelming majority of my customers who are *awesome.*  Sucks, man, squeaky wheels and all.

ETA: I think I'll just maintain a list, since it seems to be my lot this month to get more than my fair share of problem customers.  So here's my list of problem customers or folks to avoid because they do not read the item listing and/or they ignore TOS; if you want specifics, drop me a line and I'll be happy to share them.


Tags: bad customers, blocked buyers, ebay, problem clients

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