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status post - consultation, reading, and light setting report queue

Note: this entry has "expired" - the latest "status update" and report queue post is here.

Current ebay message queue:
(NOTE I have a 48 hour - two business day - turnaround time on ebay messages, which is in accordance with ebay standards.  I am not open on weekends or federal holidays and they do not count toward the 48 hours/two business days.  If your email involves a lot of typing or my looking something up, it may take longer - I'm not amazon.com, y'all).

Caught up prior to Oct 1.
Caught up prior to Oct 9.
Caught up prior to Oct 16.
Caught up prior to Oct 21  except for people who are about to make me slap somebody clear through the laptop screen. eBay needs a "mute" button y'all.
Caught up as of Oct 26.
Caught up prior to Nov 1.
Caught up prior to Nov 9.
Caught up prior to Nov 11.

God, I wish new buyers would read the item listings before sending their lists of questions (wistful sigh)...

I have blocked a lot of bidders lately for being unreasonable, rude, and/or stupid.  This is not Burger King and you cannot have it your way; you can have what is advertised, and you will get what is advertised.  You most certainly cannot act like a whiny, paranoid brat and accuse me of not doing altar work on your mojo bag or not customizing your custom spell kit, and expect me to bend over backwards to make nice with you.  I don't do feedback blackmail - you can bite me and find somebody else to harass.

If you are new and this is scaring you off, please don't let it - I don't bite unless I'm bitten first, and the overwhelming majority of new customers are just lovely.  But I have had more than my share of headaches lately.  If it's taken me a while to get to your message in the queue, please forgive me; a thick round of pains in my ass have made me take longer than usual lately because I've had to digging through files and emails and then go to all the hassle of blocking bidders.  Please bear with me - I LOVE my customers.  The ones I don't love stop being my customers :)  If the shoe does not fit, don't wear it :)

Current gmail/website contact form message queue:

Caught up prior to Sep  27
Caught up prior to Oct 8
Caught up prior to Oct 9
Caught up prior to Oct 12
Caught up prior to Oct 23
Caught up prior to Oct 29 except for stuff that needs looking up, paying, researching, Motrin or bourbon before I can read it, divination, etc.

consultation queue:



light reports:

JM - 1 of 2
JM 2 of 2

AK 1 of 2
AK 2 of 2

altar work reports, updates, and/or photos:

JH - update and photo sent
CG - update and photo sent
DM - update and photo sent

If you are not listed above, your light's not done burning or you booked a setting without a report. 

If you have an ongoing contract for runs of lights or honey jars, and you have NOT gotten an invitation/link to the online client calendar I made so you can check the status of your work, then write me (not here! don't leave a comment here  -- or, God forbid, at facebook, which is the single worst way to get in touch with me) if you want me to see anything within a reasonable amount of time! use the karmazain at gmail address to reach me) and I will send you a link.

other pending issues:

JH - waiting on personal concerns for altar work
RR - waiting on names, petition etc for light setting



Tags: consultation queue, reading queue, status update

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