Karma Zain (karmazain) wrote,
Karma Zain

New jewelry at ebay and eventually bonanza

St. Peter Keys necklace - leather, vintage skeleton key (SOLD)

Gheude, Manman Brigitte, Baron, Voodoo bracelet - at ebay

St. Philomena chaplet bracelet - at ebay

Erzulie Dantor charm bracelet (SOLD)

Mercury Dime protection bracelet - at ebay

St. Peter's Keys necklace - St Livinus - adjustable - at ebay

Legba rosary charm bracelet - handpainted medal (SOLD)
Tags: chaplets, erzulie dantor, filomez, jewelry, legba, mercury dime, ol of czestochowa, protection, st. brigid, st. gerard, st. peter, st. philomena, success

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