Karma Zain (karmazain) wrote,
Karma Zain

status update / consult, email, and report queue

This status post has expired - please see the most recent post.

Current ebay message queue:

Caught up prior to Aug 10.
Caught up prior to Aug 16. 
Caught up prior to Aug 22.
Caught up prior to Aug 26.
Caught up prior to Aug 29.

[This would have gone a lot faster if I didn't have to have respond to multiple emails from the same couple of people asking the same question over and over again -- on a weekend -- and getting more and more freaked out at every passing second, despite the fact that the item listings which the people ordered from actually say "two business day response time," "not open on weekends," and "if you send a message on Friday I may not get to it in the queue and respond until Tuesday."  For God's sake.  I don't know how I can be any clearer in my item listings than I am.]

Current gmail/website contact form message queue:

Caught up prior to Aug 10
Caught up prior to Aug 11
Caught up prior to Aug 15
Caught up prior to Aug 22
Caught up prior to Aug 25
Caught up prior to Aug 27
Caught up prior to Aug 30 except for stuff that needs looking up, paying, researching, divination, etc.

[Note that I answer emails in the order they are received, and I do the best I can given the volume I get.  If you haven't heard from me in a week, then feel free to resend (though I do check spam about once a week), but note that sending additional "just checking" or "nudging" emails actually pushes you further down the queue, because they queue in my inbox based on date received, and I start at the bottom and work my way up.  A second email on the same thread pushes you back to the date of the most recent email.  A second email on a new thread (new subject line and/or not hitting "reply" but just composing) will not get read before the first email (and all the emails ahead of it) get read.  Just FYI.  But I do prefer in general that you hit "reply" and not change the subject line unless we are beginning to converse about a new case or issue or a new bit of altar work; multiple threads about the same thing makes it that much harder for me to recap, refresh my memory, find your petitions or photos, etc.]

consultation queue:

ZJ (waiting on new statement of issue/question)


light reports:

KD x2

If you are not listed above, your light's not done burning.


Tags: consultation queue, reading queue, status update

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