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20 October 2014 @ 12:03 pm
Karma Zain
19 October 2014 @ 05:50 pm
Angel has been offline all week due to computer problems, so the inbox is in bad shape.  She is coming over here tonight to work from my office and we are going to do our best to get caught up.

ETA: Angel got up through Oct 15 in the inbox, and we should be able to finish up when she comes back tomorow afternoon.

That means she labeled everything between my last responses around the 8th and the 15th acc. to what it was, put it in my inbox if it needs a personal response from me that will take some typing, responded if it needed a response she could give on her own or by hollering at me from the next room, printed new stuff, matched responses on pending orders and light settings to the proper order and put it into my hands in the altar / prep room, and filed things that were taken care of.

If you are waiting on a personal response from me, I should have a few minutes to get to some of them tonight and tomorrow after I get this current very large batch of orders packed up and put into a USPS bin for pickup and I'll get to what else I can as soon as I can. If you are waiting on a report for light setting or other altar work or waiting on a consultation or reading, etc., you can as usual check the current queue post.

There are about 25 packages here that we will be in tomorrow's batch shipment order, so if you haven't gotten a shipment notification for your order and the usual turnaround time has passed, you will probably be in tomorrow's very large batch transaction (at which point you will get notification that your label has been generated, as usual).

Since Angel sent out a lot of info letter responses reminding customers that the questions they were asking are answered in their order confirmation emails, let me remind you that the order confirmation email and FAQ, TOS, and shipping info pages tell you everything there is to tell you about when your order will ship. (Furthermore, you agree to the TOS when you use the site and check out, so when you check out you are agreeing to the posted policies, procedures, turnaround times, and handling processes - I really do publish this info *everywhere I possibly can* so folks can read it before they order so there are no surprises.) I don't lose orders or forget about them - I have a system that makes that impossible. But that means we have to stick to the system for it to work, so I simply cannot make exceptions.

If it's been 20 business days from the *label ship date* and you write by following the directions in your order confirmation email, we can put in a trace request and get back to you with the USPS's response, but before then, you are just going to get the shipping info auto-response repeating this same info that was in our order confirmation. It doesn't matter how many days it's been since you placed the order - the response will always be the same.

And you cannot call me and get a different response. The phone is ONLY for appointments; nobody will answer it outside of appointment blocks and I do not speak on the phone without a prior appointment. Even if somebody were sitting here all day to answer the phone, you still couldn't ask about shipping by calling; you have to follow the procedures for communicating about your in-house order, and that requires you to follow the directions given in your confirmation email. There are no exceptions. If you leave a message about anything other than a consultation appointment, it will be a while before anybody hears it, and chances are good that if you leave a message about an order, it will arrive before anybody has listened to your message anyway. If you leave your number, then nothing will happen, because the only way to get a response about an order is to follow the directions in your confirmation email. If you leave your email address in your message, there is a slight chance that somebody could write to you before your order arrives and send you the same info letter reminding you that your questions are answered in your order confirmation email, but it isn't likely, and in any case that's the same info letter you woudl get by emailing, so you might as well just follow the directions.

By the time somebody listens to it, most likely, the only action left for us to take is to make a note of the fact that you don't follow the directions and are thus high risk for custom/one of a kind items and for altar work services (that's the kind of info that gets added to your client file in our system). However, only 1 domestic package in ten years has failed to arrive by the 20th business day from the label ship date, so if you would review that info provided to you and be patient, you will get your package, one way another.

To those of you to whom this doesn't apply, sorry to have to repeat myself, thanks for your business and patience as responses have been slow so far this fall, and happy hoodooing!
Karma Zain
Current Gmail/Website Contact Form/Communication Status/Issues:

  • Sep 28: We have suffered two deaths in the family in the last month. Neither were unexpected, but both were preceded by a period of rapid decline, so it's been taxing for the family even so. As my assistant Mary also happens to be a family member, we have both been pretty preoccupied, and frankly I haven't had the emotional energy reserves available to be in the proper headspace for client readings/consults, so I not only failed to get caught up, I got behind again. My new assistant Angel is in the process of training and is helping me get the inbox sorted and labeled, and she's sharp as a tack and learning quickly, but she is training from scratch so hiccups are very likely and I appreciate your being patient with her - she is trying very hard to clean up my messes and to get you a timely response.

  • Oct 8: I have caught up on the worst of the consultation backlog; I am now working on still-pending consultations and readings, on getting the service reports I owe typed up and sent out, and on getting back to a more stable turnaround/handling time for shipping physical orders.

  • Please note that if you wrote to ask a question that is answered in the FAQ, item listing, booking or payment acknowledgment email, etc. (such as "what is the status of my order?"), and you have thus been provided with the information you asked about (even if you didn't read it when you got it), then your query has been marked as "responded" or "resolved" and filed. So if you wrote to say "when will you ship my order," you will get the same response every time you ask that question, and you won't get a different response by asking the same question again. Once you get the info letter that reiterates how notification works, your message is marked "answered" and filed. The only exception is if your package is eligible for a trace request; if that's the case, then we will investigate and get back to you when we hear from the USPS. (If you aren't sure, *read the order confirmation email* you were sent and/or the FAQ - it explains how all of this works.)

Please also note that unless you are writing to answer a question in an in-progress consultation coversation, then when you send a new email message in a thread that has a currently unread or unanswered message, your message moves down the inbox queue and is reordered according to the date of latest message. So by all means send more info if it's a burning issue, but if it is not a burning issue, just wait until I get back to you on the last thing for quickest response. My tagging/notification/flagging system ends up rewarding those who wait their turn -- the patient rather than the persistent -- and it is set up to notify me right away if you write on a case or issue that is pending because of info I'm waiting on from you. If you send a response in a different thread and do not follow the directions for contact about your case, your response will not turn up flagged as needing my immediate attention, and your message will go into the very large pool of random or new inquiries that I will respond to only after I have responded to the current things that need my immediate attention. Bottom line: read and follow the directions! I don't want to run a huge business with a customer service department. I want to make my customer's items myself and I want to respond to my clients' queries myself. But I can only do this if people read and follow the directions. So if you want my personal attention, you have to follow the procedures :-)

Light Settings Booked or In Progress:

*As of late August 2014, the queue for new light settings is currently about 7-12 days -- less for money/prosperity and a bit more for protection, uncrossing and such, as that altar is still pretty full.
YSY (Sgp) - 081R, 021714 - waiting on petition/photos
BL (MA) - 1151-971H-082614 - waiting on petition/photos
KL (MA) - 1170-0100-090714
NR (NY) - 162Lbl-092514
BS (VA) - pro bono 7422-100214 - reserved for 5 Oct
AN/JS (OR) - 1188-132B-100114
EES/TD (GA) - 1209-9150-101314

Some special/contracted light settings and runs of lights are tracked on the client calendar instead; basically, if I wrote up a contract for your work, it's not tracked as a light setting but as altar work, so see below for the Altar Work section.

Lights Done - Reports or Summaries Owed:

VN - pro bono**
HK - pro bono**
CC (Bel) - 1057-700W-060614**
BS (VA) - 930Nbl-063014**
BR - pro bono
KL (MA) - 1107sh-072314
AK (Can) - 1119-8934-080314
BL (MA) - 1142-170M-082314 *RUSH*
KY (WA) - 1132/1-6503-081514
AH (FL) - 1134-382-081614F
HK (IL) - 1152sh-082714

If your report appears here and is not crossed out, I'm working on it. My reports are detailed and take time to type up. You'll get your report when it's ready (review your booking acknowledgment email for details about service turnaround times). I don't ever forget, because I don't rely on memory - I have a system. If you see your initials here and they are crossed out but you do not see your report in a day or so, though, and it's not in your spam folder, THEN you should ask me about it; if it's crossed off, that means I sent it or am sending it within a few hours if I'm doing a mass photo transfer, so we need to find out where it went if you don't have it.
[**Oct 2014: I had to travel out of town for two different deaths in the family in September, and these family issues/obligations have seriously impacted my available time lately (see the note at the top from Oct 8 for more info). When a crunch like this happens, I have to prioritize. Already-booked services with a promised/reserved/confirmed date will always be prioritized ahead of those without a certain deadline or reserved slot, and setting lights/performing already-booked altar work in a timely manner will always be prioritized ahead of typing up reports on already-finished lights/work. Thus, if you booked altar work, rest assured it was taken care of, but you are most likely waiting, or will have to wait, longer than usual for the report. I regret that this is so, but it is unavoidable, and I am working to get caught up as soon as I can, considering and weighing the priority of all work and open orders. You will get your report just as soon I can finish and send it.]

Consultation Queue:

*As of Oct 2014, the queue for new email bookings is currently about 3-4 weeks or roughly 15-20 business days. As always, this is an estimate only; see the Consultations and FAQ pages for more information.
**ETA: If you are eligible for an upgrade to a phone session, you can reserve your slot on Bookeo; I have already sent the link and instructions to you via email. If you have a phone appt, I'll make a note here next to your booking session/invoice number. hone session to finish that up as well.

JM (CA) - 481J, 060814
KY (WA) - *RUSH* - 7530bl-080714 - cancelled, refunded
KL (MA) - 1138-154H-081914 *RUSH*
KJ (VA) - 141E, 042014
GH (FL) - 1047sh, 052714
SS (Can) - 3349, 052914
BL (MA) - 1063-641S-061014
AW (FL) - 1157sh-082914 - canceled/refunded, blocked, and reported
SL (Ind) - 1080-025R-062914
KL (MA) - 1104-570C-071914
VM (Can) - 1072-5215-062414
JM (CA) - 882T-071214A (followup to 1016sh-705E-041214)
TN (Can) - 8944, 052514
AR (HK) - 1129-9510-081514
KY (WA) - 1155-6019-082814
MB (Aus) - 1165-354Y-090214
SB (IN) - 472S, 112013 - pending; waiting on response to intake questions
DA (NY) - 1843, 012414 -- pending; waiting on response
MW (MD) - 8158, 030814 -  pending; waiting on response to intake questions
AH/AJ (CA) - 5405, 022114 - pending; waiting on response
SG (FL) - 8602, 030814 - pending; waiting on response
BS (VA) - 210D, 041714 - pending; waiting for current work to conclude
WT (NC) - 584Dbl-062014 - pending; waiting on response to intake questions
KL (MA) - 1160-7258-083014 - pending [waiting on response]
BS (GA) - 971L-062614 -- pending; waiting on response
SS (Can) - 3549, 052914 - pending; waiting on confirmation to proceed via email
EG (UK) - 884Ra-093014 - pending; waiting on response to intake questions
DB (NC) - 1032-sh, 050414 - working
ML (NY) - 1083-734A-070114
CK (Sng) - 1110-420J-072914
VO (AZ) - 1183sh-092714
Phone Appointments

Upcoming phone appointment slots can be viewed and booked at my Bookeo site; if you are eligible for a phone appt, you will get instructions and a link sent to you via email after you book your consultation session through the website. I'll maintain a general schedule here for quick ref as well as notes on any special openings or closures that will modify the general schedule.

Altar Work Booked or In Progress:

Altar workings booked or in progress, including special light settings or series that are arranged via contract, are not tracked here; I don't want to publicly post full altar work with enough detail for you to identify your work because it might be enough detail for somebody who knows you to piece it together. But you should have access to the client calendar through Google Calendars (see next par. for more info), and you can see the status of your altar work there.

Altar Work Reports, Updates, and/or Photos Owed:

BL - bottle
SS, MC, BL monthly bottle/jar reports

NB: If you have an ongoing contract for runs of lights or honey jars, and you have NOT gotten access to the online client calendar I made so you can check the status of your work (on gmail/google calendars), then write me and I'll investigate why you didn't get one. If you already have a Google Calendar account, you will not get an invitation - it doesn't let me send one. You only get an invitation if you do not have a Google Calendar account. Once you have an account and/or the invitation, you should be able to log into your Google Calendars account with the email address you used to pay your invoice, and it should be available for viewing as "Karma Zain's Calendar" or something like that. If you have questions, please inquire in the current thread dedicated to your altar work instead of sending a new message. (The booking acknowledgment email now explains how this works in more detail, so see your booking email first.)

Karma Zain
08 October 2014 @ 12:04 pm
  • Wed, 06:04: hint: if you book an appt you aren't eligible for bc you didn't read directions, I don't need an appt to tell you I won't take your case
Karma Zain
05 October 2014 @ 12:03 pm
Karma Zain
As of right now, the following slots are still open this weekend for clients who *have already booked email consultations and have been waiting longer than the quoted estimated turnaround time.* (Not currently available to new clients or for new bookings, though I am planning on offering a few regular slots every week in the near future, along with a few other options that give you more control over when lights are set, cleansings are done, etc., so keep an eye out if you're interested; I'll figure it all out once I get caught up.)

You can switch to a phone session for no additional fee if we are starting from scratch on a new session, or if you just want to ask a few questions, tidy up a few loose ends, or set up some altar work based on a session that was already begun or for which divination and initial recommendations have already been completed.

For consultations from scratch, you need a 30 minute slot. If you have a question about how to do something or when we can do something or need clarification on something, you need a 15 minute slot.

See the most current queue at the status update post here.

To book appointments generally, go to my Bookeo page and choose the slot you want from the calendar. If you don't see the one you want (I am still learning my way around Bookeo), or to book short-turnaround appointments (like an appointment in a few hours tonight), you might need to text me or email me and have me schedule it for you - the system won't take last minute bookings. If you are a current or recent client then you should already have an email from me with my contact info (but see below if you want to be added to the info list for phone and appt stuff).


book now

Here are the half-hour appointments available:

Sat, Oct 4:

  • 9:00

Sun, Oct 5:

  • 9:15

  • 10:45

  • 11:30

Mon, Oct 6:

  • 5:30

  • 6:30

  • 7:15

  • 9:00

  • 10:15

  • 11:15

If you are an existing consultation or altar work client in good standing and you want to be on the info list for updates about stuff being offered by appt. just email me and ask. I'll be looking for guinea pigs and testers for a few things over the next couple of months as I try out some new available options for reserving days to have your light set, cleansing done, etc.
Karma Zain
I mentioned in my last post, nearly a month ago, that things had slowed down due to a death in the family, and since my assistant Mary and I also happen to be siblings, we were both largely out of the loop for a while and tending to things as best we could but definitely not at an ideal turnaround pace. We've now had two deaths in the family within a 4 week period, and while neither was unexpected, these things still require time and emotional energy, and frankly even though I"ve been back in town for a bit now, I just haven't had the emotional reserves available to finish readings and consultations, to be frank.

I am trying desperately to get caught up now, and while Mary is currently devoting most of her energy to family obligations right now, Angel has come aboard to train on the assistant end of things and help me get caught up, so it is my sincere hope that I can get caught up and make things right with all of my clients and customers who have been waiting longer than usual -- these last 6 weeks or so, but honestly I've been behind for various reasons for most of the year. I hate it; I hate feeling like I have to apologize alll the time, I hate making a bad impression on new clients/customers, and I hate keeping y'all who have been clients/customers for a while waiting. I am deeply sorry for any frustration or disappointment. I can only say that in many, many ways, this year has been full of surprises and opportunities (which is a euphemism for "nothing has quite gone according to plan).

So -- once again, we are trying to get caught up on orders now. If yours came in during this time period and got caught in the tar pits, we have probably either sent some freebies/samples by way of apology or will be offering you a complimentary service at a future time of your choice -- more on this once more dust has settled.

As to readings, reports, and consults, I think the most efficient way to catch up will be to work by phone where possible. I don't think my schedule will match up wtih everyone's, as I will only be available during nights and weekends,  but if I have started but not finished your consult, or if you've been waiting two months or something like that, we will be contacting you if you live in the US to see if you'd like to complete your service on the phone instead and if we can arrange an appointment time. This might work with international clients too but I need to check some things before I can promise that.

So I will be in touch very soon I hope with some sort of offer to make it right if you have been waiting on your service completion for a while. And as always, *if* no work has begun on your service file and you prefer to cancel instead, that's fine too and I totally understand. Angel is still learning her way around, and I have been kind of scattered and have probably not been explaining things too well, but she will be trying to help me get this stuff set up and get overdue stuff responded to, but any delay or crossed wires or frustration is all my responsibility and not hers - she is doing a great job being patient with me as I juggle and learning the ropes despite my scattered state.

I'll be updating the current status queue post as applicable over the coming week.

Karma Zain
04 September 2014 @ 12:21 pm
  • Thu, 00:57: responses after holiday closure are slowed by death in extended family - not unexpected but still tough and time sensitive. catching up now
Karma Zain
23 August 2014 @ 12:02 pm
  • Fri, 21:46: I have several nearly finished drafts scheduled to go out tonight but power in neighborhood is not cooperating. will resume when DSL does